Tell George Clooney Mosquito Nets do Not Stop Malaria

Actor George Clooney contracted malaria while visiting Sudan to support a referendum on independence for the South. I suppose the world will now donate another few million mosquito nets to Africa, that is not going to solve the problem.

No Hotel room should have mosquito nets; it is proof positive you are in a bad Hotel. A good Hotel has screens on the windows.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you know anyone who sleeps under a Mosquito Net in the USA?
I am sure the normal answer is No, the USA has screens on window and doors, yet we feel we need to dumb it down for Africa and send them mosquito nets. If screens on windows is good enough for the USA, why don’t we provide Africa with the same low technology us Americans have?

I woke up this morning, I was scratching my finger, somehow an annoying mosquito bit me between my finger and a welt was causing me to scratch. I went into the shower and put my hand in my bucket of water, which has about a half a cup of chlorine in it, I use this to stop bacteria in water so I can take a healthier shower.

I came in my room last night, it was stuffy hot, and I opened the curtains, stuffed them up into the top of the louvered window, and left the door open for about one-half hour. Can you remember your mother screaming?
"Shut the door, you are letting all the mosquitoes in."

I have had Malaria, and the heat forced me to risk contracting Malaria again, the heat convinced me to not using common sense, and leave the door open for a half-hour.

I am in Ho, Ghana, it is rather dry right now and truly, there are not many mosquitoes, but it rained a couple of nights ago, so we have a mosquito surge. Now, if I am in Ghana, West African, why am I now sleeping under a mosquito net? The answer is simple, most of West African Hotels have screens on the windows, but Andy still needs to keep the door shut.

Mosquitoes is Not the Problem, being Hot is the Cause of Malaria
We allow ourselves to be exposed to Mosquitoes because we are trying to stay cool, the underlying pivotal cause of Malaria are problems with cooling.

1. I opened the door because I was hot; I risked contracting malaria because of heat.

2. People refuse to sleep under mosquito nets because they are hot.

3. In many countries, everyone climbs to the roof and sleeps to stay cool, sleeping in the open air.

4. It is common to see a mother and child sleeping out in front of their home here in Africa; they want a cool place to help the baby sleep.

This is a small bed system in Niger; they put the mosquito net on the four poles at night and sleep in the cool air, optimizing their comfort.
Maradi, Niger Bus Stop Photos

This is the same system shown in the daylight, at night they will put attach a mosquito net and sleep outside.
Eden Foundation Photos of Niger

5. The best use of Mosquito Nets I have seen was in Niger, West Africa, this system both allows for people to stay cool, but and in turn stops the mosquitoes.

Real Solutions to Malaria

1. Install screens on windows.
2. Create and encourage a culture of outdoor bed systems with mosquito nets the same as Niger.
3. Drain opens swamps.
4. Give away Free Malaria Medicine in small village Churches and Mosques.
5. Malaria needs cured quickly, not malingering cases, so there is not a supply of infected people.
6. Stop using corrugate steel roofs that turn homes into small greenhouses. There is a need to find materials for roof that allow homes to stay cooler. Then also create home designs that use cross flow ventilation and somehow move people away from adobe huts into concrete structures that allow for installation of screens on windows.
7. A way to install window screens on adobe huts needs created.
8. Hospitals need to quarantine Malaria infected people in air tight and mosquito free rooms.

People who have Malaria are carriers of the parasite, they must be cured quickly. If a mosquito bites an infected person, this mosquito can extract blood and carry it to the next person. There is a need for super-fast curing of Malaria, and a person who has Malaria must be quarantined in rooms with no Mosquitoes until the parasites are killed.

Generally, nothing is going to work until Africa starts to help Africa, the people from these culture say to travelers like me,
"Andy, everyone gets malaria, what is big deal?"

Babies’ dying is normal, whether from Malaria or Malnutrition, this is the way life has been for thousands of years in Africa, there is nothing unusual happening, and the locals often wonder why foreigners are so concerned.

Bottom line, when a bunch of boys like George Clooney go out drinking at night, there is no way to stop mosquitoes from infecting even a movie star.

Hotel Door Lock Travel Tip Video

This is a travel tip that explains the proper methodology for locking your Hotel room door and leaving, it is not as simple as it seems, and you need to follow these instructions.

Tell George Clooney Mosquito Nets do Not Stop Malaria


No one uses screens here in El Salvador, I open the window slats all day until late night since the maxium temparature during day is over 30C or 87F and humid. I live in a 'middle to upper middle' so called 'class' area, if this were my house I would put in screens next week, there are several large hardware stores in San Salvador that import from USA, in most of the small towns and villages in the countryside they wait for NGOs and Government to fix things, in a few places they help to help themselves. Anyway Malaria is rare here, except in the remote low lying wetland areas lying at mouths of rivers and bays near the Pacific Coast, but I have contracted Dengue Fever twice, once in Honduras and once here, life in the Tropics.
I have a well to do friend here, well meaning, takes me to remote little restaurants to talk local and international politics in whispers, most of the people my age, locals and the few ex pats I still know, now drive everywhere, even 2 or 3 blocks, I am sort of a rarity, New Yorkers walk more than most 'city folk' in USA, and talk to people, recently I was in NYC alone with a lot of luggage and most people were helpful, was nice to walk around without people staring at you or neighbors asking me if I am afraid. most everyone here in the capital city is afraid, especially on the public buses, at the main mall now, and most of the smaller ones an empty parking space is often rarer than a 2 headed unicorn, streets are as narrow as they were in 1970 when I first visited, well Africa, Latin America or SE Asia one really need travel there to knock all the myths and misconceptions out of the mind what I like about this journal is that it is a no bs zone with a sense of humor, the 'Real Estate Cons' are slowly taking over the ex pat sites, forums and bulletin boards, I generally send a private message when I give advices now, avoiding any controversy, the Hospex sites are more and more wide eyed naive children traveling with no money to spare, some say, I remember Belize Walter, an eccentric ex pat and traveler from States I knew in Guatemala in the 1980s Walter would walk a mile to save a Dollar, told me some so called 'budget travelers' would argue over the price of a meal or a bus ride but when the dope dealer came round the hostel, wads of US dollars and local currency would come out of the money belts, I can understand traveling on a low budget, but don't like being around cheap people, constantly obsessing on and counting their money, Walter was an exception, he had sold his business up north when he stopped drinking, and entertained all of us with his outrageous travel stories, Walter did not judge people, he traveled on the cheap and did his own thing, Walter was a walking travel journal who made us laugh and forget about our own troubles. The oral tradition, why I volunteered to work in development of rural eco tourism here in El Salvador. last week even sent an e mail, constructive criticism, to the Government Tourist Offices and they replied, thanking me, and hoping to rectify the bad situation soon. Yep, did not travel all the way down here to the Tropics to live in fear!!!!!!!
Be aware some airlines have added Fuel Surcharges in the last few days due to 'situation' in Egypt.

DITTO! "sleeping inside mosquito nets is HOT" has prevented me from EVER using them and except for my first trip to India / Asia in 78 I have never had immunization shots, nor used repellent, nor abstained from eating meat, nor worried about catching 'deathly' diseasesand have been JUST FINE and I like to say healthy but too often too overweight to be honestly healthy. I did catch dysentery in Madras India in 79 and lost alot of weight, reaching my only record low of 134lbs although most old Asia Expat Friends met me when I was 150ish lbs.

Your post today provides realistic usable advice and content to help anyone planning a trip to the world's tropical countries and reminds them that American Hollywood / New York celebrity advice and news can be more popular or famous and shallow than usable.