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Telephone Calls to the Ivory Coast War

Two to three times per day, I say to Bah the Ivory Coast girl living with me in Ghana,
"Call Abidjan and find out what is happening"

Bah was attending Cocody University prior to the war, the school located close the battle in Abidjan. She has been calling two friends, one man lives in the student area, and another man who has moved into the "Hospital" area to find out their interpretation.

The war (Chaos Riot) in Cote d’Ivoire a.k.a. Ivory Coast is probably going to end soon, and Bah is not happy, she supports Laurent Gbagbo and not Alassane Ouattara.

At first I was fully in favor of Alassane Ouattara, however as time has passed, there are arising too many questions. The loyalty of the Gbagbo soldiers and people like Bah is way beyond just wanting a candidate to win, they are dreadfully afraid of Alassane Ouattara and his Islamic support.

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If you look closely, you can see Bah’s University in Cocody, then try to realize that President Laurent Gbagbo residence is in the northern outskirt of Cocody are close and where he is under siege.

Is it possible for the Laurent Gbagbo soldiers to surrender? If and when Gbagbo’s soldiers surrender, the Alassane Ouattara soldiers will enter and kill the majority. Moreover, it obvious the United Nations soldiers are worthless, the only possible hope is the French ones, and they are not to be trusted. The USA really should have troops on the ground there, a few which obey orders.

Please call and ask questions, this project is finding traction:
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I have listened to rants by Ivory Coast citizens while I was living inside Ivory Coast for the last 4-6 months about the French. Then again, last night as the war nears an end Bah started another 30 minute rant about how the French are controlling this war. Truth is always a difficult to discern, but the number of different people and the absolute certainty of their convictions is difficult to ignore.

Bah is certain that France is doing this for financial reasons.
Bah is certain the "Caste Blue." the United Nations soldiers are randomly killing to help Alassane, she is incredibly afraid of the United Nations soldiers.

Ghana, West Africa --- Thursday, April 7, 2011

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United Nations Police Force
I was in Haiti prior to the earthquake, United Nations soldiers occupied the country, they were not my idea of soldiers, and I did not trust them to obey rules of engagement. Ivory Coast was not occupied by UN solders, as best I could tell, they were all in hiding inside the country.

List of UN Nations with Soldiers in Ivory Coast

Obruni Song
Obruni is the word for White man in the Twi language in Ghana, West Africa.

Obruni Working on Tro Tro

Telephone Calls to the Ivory Coast War


Oh Wow! World Government is coming. I am so excited.

Very dissapointed in Panajachel Andy, tuk tuks and traffic racing everywhere, just here another day to purchase a few things, I am feeling anxious in Guatemala, some information from old timers in Antigua, selling out and soon leaving, elections coming soon, Guatemalans will elect a new thief, Young travellers here 2 or 3 months know it all, contradict everything we say, of course, the NGO s might as well recolonize countries, I am being sarcastic which is my nature, at least Arturo gave me half price on a room, the old timers tell me I look younger since I stopped smoking. Best of luck with BAH, salut.

PS best place on Lake Atitlan is San Lucas Toliman, quiet, just natives and a few aid workers, no drunks, druggies and assorted international whatever


Latest news, I am confused as to who is good or bad guys there!!!


Thanks for pointing out the map problem, I tried to fix it.

Funny, reviewing in my head what happened during me writing the post. I decided to put that Google map on the page which is interactive. I was going to show the directions from the Palace to Cocody University, which I think is roughly four kilometers. Bah became rather angry when I said the Palace was too far for her friend to know or hear what was happening.

I then read further and realized there were two things:

1. The Presidential Palace.
2. The home of Gbagbo in the north of Cocody.

I read and search on the Internet for about 45 minutes trying to find reporter that would tell the specific address of Gbagbo's home. I asked Bah to point it out, but she did not know either.

I became increasingly frustrated with the maps as I realized that all the journalist writing were creating news, not reporting news. I was not trained as a journalist, but have try to always include.

Who, when, where, why, how, and how much to frame out the what I am thinking about, so the reader can story check. Real journalist appear to write articles with complete dead ends, there is no way to check their story.

As I research further and further, there comes a point where I know nobody is to be trusted and I lose energy to write or explain.

Thanks for pointing out the error, I try to write factual but this is still all opinion, although probably better researched than the journalist.

I have been reading five times per day about the siege of Gbagbo's home, I would estimated now I have read 50 articles, not one has give the address or anyway to find on a map the home.