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Tela Honduras Adventure

Tela Honduras Adventure

The normal readers of Travel Articles have a goal in the back of their mind, a subconscious, low level ever present obsessive-compulsive thought.
"Do I want to visit this Travel Destination?"
If the answer is no, they stop reading.

The Beach at Tela, Honduras

I am positive the majority of readers never made it beyond the title, they know they do not want to go to Honduras, and therefore there is no reason to read further. This is why Travel Writers who want a wide readership write articles like the "Top 10 Beaches in the World." or if they want to be read by the USA, they would write "Top 10 Beaches in the USA." A travel writer is pandering to a specific audience.

And strangely the only audience that has the ability to go anywhere is the Backpacker group, not the luxury traveler, this is sad for me, they have less money, no jobs, and regularly can be seen hanging around in Paradise locations the Rich and Famous never see in their life.

Tela, Honduras --- Friday, August 20, 2010
On the Caribbean Coast


Something very special about Travel happened at this small Hotel a week ago…? This is a small Hotel on the other side of the city block from my wonderful air-conditioned apartment with bars on the windows and cable television with a 120 Channels.

Take a Moment of your Life
Why am I in Tela, Honduras, part of the story is because of the desire to know and understand Adventure, I am at heart an Adventure Traveler, And when not seeking Adventure, I am off to the Beach to look at girls in Bikinis and read a book.

What happened at this small Hotel in Tela?

I answered the question on my Adventure page, go find the answer:

Thanks and Life is Great, if not Good, and on most days ok, sometimes annoying. However, I am always and truly grateful; I am one of the luckiest persons on the planet.
Andy Graham the

Do you want to visit Tela, the answer should be no, unless you are going to the Bay Island and flying to the Airport of San Pedro Sula. This is a good place to stop for a night.

Tela Honduras Adventure


Interesting adventure. Watch those days on the beach looking at the bikinis, it might be the end of your adventures.


I am guessing the Travel Blog makes about 10 percent of the money for the site, it has never been a good way to make money. If a person Blogged about one country they could make 10 times more money than me, it takes a special person to be interested in all countries.

I would guess, I have about 50,000 readers that check in on my site, or even more, but who knows. They check in about 1-2 times per month just to see what is happening.

Readers of the Travel seldom click on the advertisements, it is the completely new readers.

Complicated to understand, but we put the newsletter and the blog together, there is 10,000 emails, soon Mailchimp will have deleted all the people that click on spam because they forgot they subscribed, then I will write more often.

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