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Teak Plantation Marked with Verizon Global Email, BlackBerry and ZonaSnap

2011-01-17 23:52:55

Traveling along in a collective taxi ride for four dollars from Lome to Kpalime I looked out the window and saw what I thought was peanuts. I said to the driver,
"Pas, Teck"

No that is Teak, and more correctly, I was looking at Teak Tree Seedlings, from the front seat of a Taxi point of view, it looks as if they are growing Teak trees commercially, my first thought was,’
"Good for them, I am proud of Togo."

This is the location where I spied the Teak Seedlings, and maybe if the good Gods put all the ducks in a row, I could maybe visit this farm, maybe called a Teak Plantation. I suppose it would be best to translate that to French, but not truly necessary, I know the word "Teck."

What was unimaginable 10 years ago when I first started traveling is now almost simple. I wish I could say it was a no brainer, however, it does require some understanding of computers stuff.


1. Verizon Global E-mail Option, add 70 USD to your monthly cost to use the internet on a Global Smartphone by Verizon.
Global E-mail by Verizon
- This will allow you to use the Internet on your BlackBerry or other Global Smartphone in about 200 countries, and you can play with the Google Maps.

2. Google Maps Application for Smartphone Downloaded:
Google Maps Mobile

3. ZonaSnap Screenshot Capture Program for BlackBerry.
This program or application as they call programs on Smart Phone allows me to copy the screen I am looking at, it is incredibly simple. When I click on the BlackBerry button, the one with all the small berry dots, at the top of the pulldown is ZonaSnap. I select ZonaSnap, it captures the screen, and I can than save to photos on the BlackBerry.

This program is available; you are going to need to search on the BlackBerry phone for something like "ZonaSnap Download." I am sure it is on CrackBerry.com, so please search.

(Togocel Data is down, there is no Internet Access, and it is 5:00 AM. Often between the hours of 5:00 am and 7:00 am, the cell phone companies stop Internet Access. I believe they are booting the computers, playing, and generally conspiring to stop me working in the early hours of morning.)

I zoomed in on Google Maps, and then took this ZonaSnap screenshot capture. The BlackBerry screen is too small, I need reading glasses to see, and ZonaSnap equalizes the game. I do not need to see the screen well while I moving at 120 Kilometers per hour in a crazy Togo group taxi, I can just capture the screen and look at it later on my computer.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why Teak Wood is good for Togo
Teak is very expensive wood in the USA, and this wood is one of best woods for furniture I know, it has some remarkable benefits. First, it is water resistant and people often make outdoors furniture, in the tropics, it is resistant to ants and termites. If I had a home in the Tropics, I would make my bedroom furniture out of Teak to annoy the ants and keep them from sleeping with me, this is huge benefit.

Teak appears to be a great type of wood to use on Boats; however, this is probably not going to help Togo much, as I believe there are Teak Plantations in Central America, maybe Cost Rica. The cost of shipping Teak to the USA is expensive, however if I had a sailboat, I suppose I could sail to Costa Rica and have it fitted with Teak.

I want Togo to make small furniture, and ship and sell in the USA.

Togo West Africa in my opinion and most of West Africa is in an economic depression, maybe a recession. This area of the planet has been lost ever since the colonization ended in the 60’s. They have been waiting for the Whites to return to run the business ventures, to invest, to manage things and to make West Africa profitable. All that happens is he Non Governmental Organizations have used the place for a poster child, the business of West Africa is poverty and getting donations, the more they stay poor, the better the business of donations thrives, there is no reason to teach this place to fish.

There is little or zero new business investment by Western Countries in West Africa, and this is not going to happen until the NGO stop creating a bad image. However, in the next 10 years all the old French expats will die and there will be a huge void created. Twisting and pulling West Africa away from the French, control is not easy, but it will happen as all the old French that used to run the place die.

I believe the French Banks control the money of Francophone Africa, truly this is not nice.

West Africans have a Chief mentality, they wait for the Chief to tell them what to do, because it is rather dangerous to do something without the Dictators permission. Since the Chief would sabotage his life and money by creating Entrepreneurs, the economics of West Africa is always sabotaged culturally from within. A Chief can put any one person out of business, and small plantations run by White people are not an easy venture. Yes, you can go in partners with a Chief, the Prefecture or the country, but maybe it is going into partnership with the devil posed as a Chief.

West Africans like to make furniture, or this is my belief, there is something about this culture that enjoys working with their hands. I believe that if there was a way to ship furniture to either the USA or Europe cheaply, there is a good profit to be made.

It is feasible; they make custom designed furniture here in Togo, Ghana, Benin or Cote d’Ivoire, then ship it to the USA and cut out the middlemen. It is now possible to have an Internet Business that can be based in West Africa and sell directly to the Western Markets. This business could be ran under the radar of the Chief or Togo government, it could be extreme mobile and hard to trace, track or stop.

The big problem is, there is many Ghana or Nigeria business ventures already running, and selling anything they can sell on the Internet, the number one product is love. There is no delivery and all is a fraud, why have real products when some idiot in the USA will send money? And there is no way to sue or demand they send the product or give the girl with love. Many men pretend to be women, the communicate to sell some horny lonely man down the path to Western Union.

Teak Furniture is a way for Africa to make money, this area of the planet is an Entrepreneurs dreamscape. The problem is understanding three things, Africa, the USA and how to sell using the power of the Internet.

The even bigger problem is how to keep Chief and West African people honest, but maybe someday West Africans living in Europe or America will return to start businesses, if they can stop being scammers long enough to do proper business ventures.

I tried to rent a building in Togo for a Hotel / Hostel, the crazy owner wanted two years rent paid in advance. This is extreme fear of not being able to collect rent, ergo my word "Depression."

What Happens at 3:47 AM in the Morning in Kpalime Togo
Typically, I wake seven hours after I fall asleep, this morning I awoke at 3:47 to the normal sound of sweeping outside my Hotel window.

There is nothing to do except drink alcohol after 9:00 at night, which is what all the NGO’s and Peace Corps people are doing. I do not drink, so I go to sleep and wake early.

What happens in the Morning
Sweeping the sand starts early, I would blame it on boredom; the people do not have much to do, working means sitting for 12-16 hours per day in front of a store. Waking early when it is cool and sweeping the sand is enjoyable to a person who is bored.

Morning Islamic Prayer, another way of occupying the mind, although my guess is only about 1 in 50 goes to Morning Prayer at the Mosque. You can ask the others, and they will lie and tell you they pray in their homes. Generally, from my observation, the men will pray well around 4:00 in the afternoon. Sort of a happy hour prayer time, and you can see them with their prayer rugs in many locations, some organized, and some truly reverent.

Religions function best when other people are watching, there is a need to communicate that one is being holy, there is a need to tell the world, look at me, this is marketing.

Girls coming Home on Motorcycle taxis, the women deliver, and need delivered home before their family can say,
"You did not sleep at home."

Generally, humans have the ability to ignore reality, providing reality is not bluntly put in their faces.

My Teaching Failure
When I first started writing, I believed all readers wanted to learn, and yes, about 1 in 100 truly has a curious mind. As the years past, I have accepted I am 90 percent just an entertainer. This is why I have returned to this diary or journal style of writing. It is more enjoyable for me to entertain myself, and I can also teach myself as I write. I am good at teaching myself about life; and it is not rewarding to teach others. Many a writer is in some delusional fuzz that swizzles around in their brain, the have no feedback and they believe mass numbers of readers love and respect them, this delusion keeps them writing.

Now with the "Like" function of Facebook, anybody can be liked, and respected and delusional and fantastically loved by others, if they are clever. Of all this can be some fantastic delusion that prevails and thrives in a minds of men.

I am clever enough to make tons of money on the Internet, but have zero desire to be clever enough to manipulate the general public into reading. The general public must be manipulated to make large wealth by writing one article.

Explaining the interplay between Verizon Global Internet Access, a BlackBerry and this simple program called ZonaSnap is fun. I know that one of you is going to enjoy playing with ZonaSnap and realize it has business value.

The BlackBerry is a horrible contact management tool, it neither captures telephone nor e-mails at even a beginners level for the master professional. BlackBerry is generally a great way to manage e-mail, and a play toy; however, tethered internet access globally is great. I can move from country to country and never use an internet café or arrange a purchase of a USB Modem connection. I am happy, in about 2-3 years, the cell phone and Smartphone will merge, and all cell phones will do the same as a BlackBerry.

I have problems relating to other people, it is best if I do not work or live too closely with other humans. This is because I am aware of who I am, and how I live my life, I live an introspective lifestyle that allows me to understand myself. When I used to drink, my life was 100 percent random, which allowed me to attend Indiana University or be a student well, school is a no brainer, does not require much work, unless you go to Harvard.

One day I needed to grow up, and I did, and I have continued to change for the last 22 plus years of being sober. What I never realized, is evolving, changing and learning is not a way to make friends; it is a way to alienate people. Nobody wants to listen to a know it all, or a person who is working, they want company to play, to share in playing.

For many reasons, I do not enjoy watching to talking about Sports, I wish I did, there is nothing wrong with Sports, it is just me, and I do not enjoy the Sport situation. This is a vast gulf between me and the other men sitting on the stool in the bar.

I enjoy the absolute simplicity of life, I cannot control anything, and this is great, I am grateful I accept that control is an illusion. However, when I discover truly business applications like ZonaSnap that can record, capture and allow me to retrieve information, I am happy. However, I am not delusional, this is not a subject for the general public, its is for the one person who is ready.

Generally, business is simple, capture the name, telephone number, and e-mail of a person, then stay in contact until the person randomly does business with you. This is why ZonaSnap is cool, I can capture what happened, and I could be recording the telephone number of you, I never lose a name.

"Passive Income," is the secret to an introspective lifestyle.

My Pinkeye improved yesterday, I radically decrease the amount of dust and air blowing into my eyes, and purchased some sunglasses. When anything becomes overwhelmed or stressed it reacts in a negative way, my eye was overwhelmed, I needed to give is break.

Teak Plantation Marked with Verizon Global Email, BlackBerry and ZonaSnap

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