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Tea Plantation

Tea Plantation
Kericho, Kenya at 2026 Meters above sea level appears one of the Tea capitals of Kenya. The companies Unilever and Finlays have signs saying they are here. From about 10 Kilometers before Kericho all the way to Kisii, Kenya is rolling hill trying to be mountains full of well manicure Tea Plants.

This is not a woman picking Tea Leaves, it is a woman who knew that was the photo people wish to take, so she walked down and pretended to pick some leaves for the photo, she was a happy sort.

Kericho, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 13, 2009

I am tempted to say this is a Tea Plantation, there is a group of houses down below the evergreen trees, however I know would be searching for words. I did not see any signs that said, “Plantation,” as I sometimes find along roads. Rather I saw never-ending fields of Tea covering all the hills and dells making green a comfortable feeling.

I saw two Tea Processing factories or companies along the road to Kisii, and I would have loved to stop and tried to take a tour. I traveled by Matatus, a small van that is the public transportation of Kenya; I am slowly starting to believe the only way to properly see Kenya is in a car, I have yet to see a great reason for a 4x4, however a small car or van would work perfect.

The locals kept telling me, you should come during rainy season when the leaves are green. I was so happy to be away from the Moyale to Isiolo area of Kenya, this was already green heaven.

I was only about one Kilometer from the center of Kericho, a nice walk, the cost by Motorcycle Taxi is 50 Shilling one way.

This sign for the “Green Pastures Junior School” was directly across from where I took all these photos, is probably possible to explain this to one of the Motorcycle Taxis after a long talk. I am quite sure you should not pay more than 50 Shilling and if they balk, the solution is to walk, and it is an enjoyable walk. A path leads along the market that leads right to the Tea Hotel which is located about 500 meters from the start of the large fields of Tea.

Sadly, in my mind, the majority of Travelers and Tourist will be staying in the Tea Hotel, however not really in a Tea plantation, however close to this location.

To me living in the Tea Hotel in Kericho, is the same a going to Kenya and living in the Hilton, yes the person was in technically in Kenya, but do they know Kenya.

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Tea Plantation