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TARIFA SPAIN November 2004

2004-11-08 03:42:00

6:28 pm Sunday November 7, 2004



Another day in Paradise

I am in Tarifa, Spain, it is located on the very tip, and maybe as two USA missionaries said, it maybe the closest point to Morocco from Spain.

(Having real trouble with spelling Morocco… one or two R’s)


Not a Hostel, but a Hostal, it is the word in many Spanish origin countries where they mean Hotel. It is hard to be certain but in some of the Central or South American countries they used the word Hostal and it was a Hotel. Probably dragged the word there from this region of the world.

My computer Encyclopedia Encarta can translate different languages, but does not have the word HOSTAL, this word has been everywhere as I have moved around Madrid to Malaga, Marabelle to Alageciras to Tarifa on the sides of maybe Hotels, but with the name Hostal.


I am having a wireless connection show up on my computer, but I have not been able to determine if I can hop on an internet connection. I believe a lot of people have a wireless connection, but do not have 24 hour a day internet access, as many would in the USA. So there are lots of wireless computer connect in peoples houses, but no connection to the internet.

Time to make a page on how to connect to a wireless connection!

I have paid for a week in the Facunda Hostal here in Tarifa, Spain with the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean within cannon range of my room.

My 5800 mile trip in 4 days from Orland, Indiana to Tarifa, Spain including the time it took to replace my passport that was stolen on the Train in Madrid. Never for a instance think that Europe is safer than South America or even the inner cities of USA…


I will probably .. Maybe, or who knows stay here for a couple of weeks, unless Portugul tempts me too much.

This has got to be the point where the Christians separated the world from the Islamic word by the Sword, gun, musket, or cannon… maybe a few rock thrown. Now there is another type of invasion. Sadly I saw or a Bolvian man by the name of Alejandro pointed out where there was a terrorist bomb at the Atocha Metro stop that killed around 200 Spain people and more or less scared the Spanish people out of Iraq. Not a good move on the part of Spain, because it just shows they can be manipulated by terrorist. Never a good move to negotiate or run from kidnappers or terrorist or just crazies religious zealots whether Christian Crusader or Islamic Jihaad crazies. Religious zealots cause a lot of problems on the planet, and all in the name of God, I think someone is missing the point.


I had sort of a necessity to go south. I only have one sweatshirt and no jacket, I am tired of carrying a jacket, but am looking for one of them super light jackets like was lost in by KLM on the trip to Istanbul a year ago. I missed my chance to purchase in Katmandu, Nepal, but will snag one again the next chance. Sort of a insulated windbreakers, but very light, maybe all nylon. So what this translates to is I have this smelly, white or crème colored sweatshirt I purchase in Concord Massuachesetts that says,

“Beware of all Enterprises that requires new clothes.”

By Henry David Thoreau

He is one of my adopted mentors, although he was dead a long time before I adopted him as one of my mentors. He wrote the book Walden, it about living simply and not have consumer purchase own you, and you living your life free of being owned by the things you buy. He also said or believe you could live on working about 5 weeks a year, and I also believe a person can work 2-3 hours a day and live very good.

So it is long past the time to clean this sweatshirt, although I am still needing it daily and have to give it up long enough to clean it. I will wash it in the sink tomorrow morning and hang on the roof as an emergency wash measure.

The Hobo has landed and paid 84 Euros or 12 Euros per day to get a wonderful private room in Europe, but almost into Africa. I think 12 Euros is about 14.75 U.S. Dollars. The room was 15 Euros on a daily basis, I committed because I need the space of time to relax and regroup. Plus the guy at the reception or owner has a perfect feel, and he would not stop being a tour guide. He told me how the city worked, where to wash my clothes, where the internet was located, and how to go to the beach on both the Atlantic an Pacific side, where to party at night and how to go look at winery north of here. He was above and beyond the call of duty and only maybe German Escobar in Bogota, Colombia at the Platypus Hostel would match him for help… woo… he was good, Sold me for a week without even blinking.

Life is good, La Vida es Buena.

Time to go look for more bread, I am tired and ready to eat.

If this place had a hasp on the door and a wastebasket, it would be perfect. It actually has a reading light above the bed. I do not have to use the one I carry!

Ooops. I just found the wastebasket. I lock my computer in my new small backpack when I leave the room and chain it to the closet door.

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