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Take Great Photos after Rain Stops

I want to remember this, I will tell myself.

"Andy, If it rains all day in a city, pay attention, if and when the sun comes back, the skies could be exceptionally clear and blue. This would be a great day to take photos, remember to walk around and take photos after the rain stops."

Thanks Andy for the reminder.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Friday, March 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I was in Sosua, Dominican Republic during the months of January and February 2010. It rained about 2-3 out of every 7 day week while I was there. There was an annoying amount of rain, truly inhibited lying in the sun or talking photos.

After a rather long 4 days of rain, the sun came out, and suddenly I could see the small mountains or hills in the background of this photo.

I suppose, if when you arrive at a location, take a gander at the horizon, try to evaluate how far you can see, and think to yourself,
"Is there something there that would enhance photos?"

When there is contrast in a photo, it helps to highlight the main subject of a photo.

Take Great Photos after Rain Stops