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TAIPEI 101 Tall Building

2005-02-08 22:31:00

I have finally learned something unique about Taipei, therefore I am ready to stop watching movies and go walk around Taipei. There is a building called the

Taipei 101

or maybe the

Taipei Financial Center



1 Taipei 101,

2 Petronas Tower I, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3. Petronas Tower II, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 Sears Tower, Chicago (IL), United States

5 Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China

I noticed this building was always pointed out or discussed on maps, then I did a search on the internet, but I more or less ignored because, who cares just another tall building.

Then third day into Taipei, I ask someone,

"What is the big deal about this building?"

A person said,

"It is the worlds tallest."

So here I am looking at the official Taipei 101 building, reading maps, and everybody assumes that everyone studies Taiwan...

Therefore I am going to go see this building, now that someone made it clear.

I think this is the official page, not very good at anything, unless you want to rent an office.

This one is sort of fun.