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Symptoms of my Travel Addiction in Uganda

Symptoms of my Travel Addiction in Uganda
I have long known I am addicted to travel; today the symptoms have taken over my mind. I am in a Hotel called the Bam Rest House here in Kisoro, Uganda and against all logic I am moving tomorrow to another Hotel…

This is an obsessive compulsion, harmless, however I know the symptoms, I am bored, I need the rush.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Sunday, May 17, 2009


When a traveler enters a new environment, there is a rush; the initial excitement stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins. Once a person realizes how to push this button that allows the brain to secrete endorphins, a person may enjoy the feeling. When a person enjoys one reality more than another, they tend to seek that reality.

Natural painkiller: a substance in the brain that attaches to the same cell receptors that morphine does. Endorphins are released when severe injury occurs, often abolishing all sensation of pain.

Note, a person is capable of choosing socially acceptable ways of inducing the brain to secrete endorphins, when the dysfunctional mind takes over they choose negative choices because it is quicker and easier.

Note: Chuck Wow, I am not talking to you… hehehe

Symptoms of my Travel Addiction in Uganda


I believe all people are endorphin addicts, some choose acceptable ways of medicating like travel and others fight with the boss.

Funny, I am about to cross the border into Rwanda with 1000 dollars on me. Fear almost allows me to not need to travel.
Andy in Kisoro, Uganda