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Sustainable Poverty with NGOs

2006-10-13 07:24:00

Natitingou Benin West Africa
Friday, September 29, 2006

I am also angry with the word or use of the word, frustrated would be good also, however also spurred on to action… hehehe

Sustainable Poverty is what I think the NGO want, then need good, never ending, never changing poverty with extreme problems, a.k.a. death at the end to help them collect donation. There has to be some real deaths to collect money, they need BBC and CNN to back them up with some controversial film footage.

Most NGO must have a SUSTAINABLE PROBLEM, one that cannot be inspected, one that cannot be expected to end; it must pull at the heart finding the donations, however never solving the problem, whereby the self-created need for them would end.

There are,
- Sustainable

Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Examples
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Conservation Methods
Sustainable Farm
Sustainable Yield
Sustainable Rural Development - Referencing AIDS
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Economic Alternatives
Sustainable Rain Forest Loggin Operations
Sustainable Economic Growth
Sustainable Yield Forestry
Sustainable Fish Populations
Sustainable Exploitation of Natural Resources
Sustainable Growth
Sustainable Resource Use
Sustainable Fisheries
Sustainable Development - UNICEF focuses on Sustainable Development
Sustainable Market Niche
Ecologically Sustainable
Sustainable Model for National Success - George W. Bush
Sustainable Population
Sustainable Regrowth
Sustainable Management
Sustainable Health-Care System
Sales Trends would not be Sustainable
Sustainable by the Sea - Colombia
Sustainable Production Limits
Sustainable End to Hunger... Obasanjo, Olusegun
Sustainable Living
Sustainable Water Use


- The policy challenge of sustainable development consists of finding a path towards a positive social and ecological coevolution. -
Richard Norgaard (1943 - )
U.S. author.

- Economic activity should not only be efficient in its use of resources but should also be socially just, and environmentally and ecologically sustainable.- (2)
Warren Bennis (1925 - )
U.S. educationalist and writer.
Beyond Leadership: Balancing Economics, Ethics and Ecology (co-written with Jagdish Parikh and Ronnie Lessem) (2)

I have just collected and peruse many concepts on the word Sustainable, helping myself by context of use to understand the world and the implications.

I think what is missing in this idea of the word Sustainable is the A-Z process that makes something Sustainable.

The word Sustainable deems that completion is required, demanded and inherent in the projects or programs.

Here in Natitangou, Benin the big issue-du-jour is SIDA in French and AIDS in English.

Ok, they come up with all these ideas… hehehe.

Abstinence Jusqu Au Mariage - Abstinance before Marriage
Bonne Fidelite Reciproque - Fidelity Reciprocated
Condoms ou Preservatifs - Condoms or Preservatives
Depistage Volontaire - Voluntary Discover

This is the over-intellectualized marketing plan, forgot to give some photos, marketing plans is off the wall bad. Totally missed the target market…. Hehehe, too stupid to believe by me..

Yes, great idea, but…

- Who can afford Condoms… ? -

I only earn one dollar per day, and I want to buy something I need, not something that I do not need. I want, but think about it, do I need it, if I needed it, I would be buying it.
Sustainable has to be economically feasible, or the NGO is feasible and the persons continue to have problems.

The sad part to me is AIDS or SIDA can be eradicated easy, test for free everyone on the planet. Tattoo, mark, scar mark them, someone mark everyone that has AIDS or SIDA, this will stop AIDS…
Hmmm let me see your scar or tattoo, or prove to me, you have been tested clean.

Sustainable means to me, that a person sat down, goes throw all the deterministic causal relationships between the start to the end.

Boy wants to have sex.
Girl agrees
They go behind jungle to avoid parents.
Have sex

How do the boy and girl buy condoms?
How does this boy and girl buy condom whereby the whole village does not know they are having sex?
Where does the boy and girl buy Condoms?

Algorithm analysis
The chain of events.

What stopped them from using a condom?
Cultural, social, too fast, too expensive, not fun, ignorance.

Contrary to some myths perpetuated, people do know about condoms and AIDS, SIDA, it not new. In addition, either are photos, mostly myth perpetuation for benefits of mythmakers.

What are the stoppers, what stops this from working?

If I hear, read, or smell the world sustainable, it better be followed with examples whereby a person making 1 dollar per day can buy and afford. Otherwise I think it is just a self-preservation, self-proportioning never ending fund raising, make a job for ME program by someone driving a Toyota Land Cruiser.