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Suffering the Public Humiliation of Living in Guatemala

2011-07-27 14:41:39

Tourist go to countries with the most bragging rights, they want to return home and say to the other people at work,
"I spent two weeks in the Caribbean."

"Mr X told me the other day,
"Andy you are too sensitive."

I thought to myself,
"No, I am just looking for ways to avoid public humiliation."

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Andy is Stupid List
1. I go to Africa, it is full of Black people.
2. I go to Guatemala, it is full of short, poor indigenous types.
3. I went to Iraq, it was a war zone.

Andy is Smart List
1. I went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower.
2. I went to Thailand and laid on the the beaches, at least 20 times.
3. I went to England, and saw Buckingham Palace
4. I have visited nine Caribbean Islands.

How to guarantee nobody mocks me today?
1. I do nothing.
2. I will go to the same restaurant that everyone enters.
3. Drink beer with all the people drinking, and drink the group favorite.
4. Get a job in the USA, do the exact same thing every day until I kick the bucket.

The Consensus is, Andy is Nuts.
The more I do, the more opportunities I serve up to people to say,
"Andy, you are nuts, stupid, arrogant, obnoxious or you are bragging."

I want to know why everyone is competing, the world, not just the USA, I mean all the people on planet earth are trying to improve their status in life.

Obama should stop trying, if he did nothing, he would not prove himself: Up to you, maybe smart, dumb, inadequate, competent, if he did nothing less people would mock him.

I am Afraid
I think my biggest fear in life is approaching, in ten more years I will be 65. It would be horrible to be 65 and not have a few bushel baskets full of great memories.

There is always social pressure to conform, for example, to be part of the group. What is the solution, how do we avoid social pressure to be part of the group? I think it is rather easy, when you are about to talk about something that is not mainstream, close your mouth.
I mean, you do not have to talk about everything with all your friend. And let’s face it, if they are really your friend, they will not mock you.

Mocking has many methods, for example, a person can ask never-ending questions as if they do never trust you. They can continuously disagree, they can make round the bush insults, generally mocking is rampant in the white culture.

I have started to realized, most of my friends at home cannot even come to visit me, they are afraid their friend will mock them.

I can just imagine my parents up in Chubbies Restaurant saying,
"We are going to Guatemala."
The locals would say,
"Why go there?"

It is said as if a person must come up with a list of great reasons to do something.

I am afraid, I want to have a lot of memories, I want to be able to talk about a lot of things when I am too old to walk. I want to be able to remember the time I was in Guatemala.

I tend not to listen to old people, they say the same thing as young people. Sports, weather, poor this, and poor that, I do not have any money, but much slower, it is tedious.

I remember the old many "Ron the Pilot" here in Pana, he used to talk about flying planes of guns into Nigeria, he would tell you very slow, and forget what he told you. But trust me, hearing a story about flying an airplane full of guns into Nigeria is ok, I do not have a problem listening twice.

I think we all need to go to countries with no bragging rights, because when we get old, we need to have stories we can repeat endlessly without anyone getting annoyed.

Remember my Andy is Stupid List

You may thing it is stupid now, but these memories will last a long time:

1. I go to Africa, it is full of Black people.
2. I go to Guatemala, it is full of short, poor indigenous types.
3. I went to Iraq, it was a war zone.

I have lived a life worth living, and many people refuse to live, why? The are too sensitive and do the exact same thing every day, for fear someone will say they are stupid.

I am thinking about Cameroon in Africa, and I know the majority of you have no idea where that country is located. And even funnier, you think it is dangerous, like all 52 countries in Africa are at war, this is too silly, just not possible

I am not sensitive, I just do so many things, there is so much to mock. I continuously try to think of creative ways of avoiding or slowing down the boring people from talking. It takes a lot of work to avoid all the mocking comments from people who do nothing in their lives.

The more you are mocked, the more you are doing, keep up the good work.

I have a lot of travel writers mock me for writing about Africa or Guatemala, like we need more people writing about Europe.

Suffering the Public Humiliation of Living in Guatemala

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