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Sudden Need to Clean Backpack

Sudden Need to Clean Backpack
Mom and Dad, I am fine, I have left the dangerous area.

If I do not have enough crap hitting the fan, on the trip from Kisoro to Kabale they placed my one backpack in the trunk of the car with fish. My backpack reeks of fish, I hate the fish smell, it is worst than body odor.

I walked around my room searching for the smell, looking for used condoms under the bed, checking the bedspread cover, plugging up the drains in the shower to stop methane. It was my backpack, I carried the problem smell into the room.

I rode in 10,000 Shilling collective taxi with seven people in the car and an overloaded trunk or boot as the Brits say. I suspect the fat women in the front had a bag of fish and of course, in standard operating procedure with no care in the world they stuffed the bag of fish on top of my backpack.

I removed my computer and camera bag from inside this bag, this type of problem is rampant. If possible, I carry this essential bag on my lap, and today I was lucky I did.

Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My bag hanging in the sun to dry, I suspect it will take up to two days to dry completely. I decided to wash the small computer/camera bag because it was extremely dirty.

I took a rubber drain stopper and put over the shower drain, filled it with water and put a huge amount of powdered laundry soap into the water. I did not rinse well, maybe the soap smell will help override the fish.

Sudden Need to Clean Backpack


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