Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines

Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines
I stopped physical therapy so I can recover from my injuries.

I know I am a pain the butt, but I have conflicting goals. I am 100 percent sure there is inflammation, swelling and pain that would stop or subside if I gave these sciatica related problems a rest.

Charlie Foxtrot Therapy

I want to do therapy, however I need to limit myself to 1-2 hours of physical activity per day.

Oops, there is no way to travel to Lorma Hospital on the north side of San Fernando, La Uniion without a Charlie Foxtrot situation.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I need to lose 20 pounds; this excess weight is compounding my medical problems. I can easily tell when I am stressed, I eat, and I am still eating too much, and motivated to stop too little.

I am stopping the four hours of Charlie Foxtrot Therapy. It is just nuts traveling across a city in the Philippines.

I truly do not want to walk around for longer than 2 hours per day.

Therapy must be highly educational here to validate me going; I am not going to live here. I must learn all the tricks to make this problem stop, self-therapy that I can do in my Hotel room.

First thing first, slow down my world and get down to 170 pounds, I am at about 190 presently.

Slow the world down until my smile returns, I am finding those happy thoughts.

If I could not walk, the exercise going to and returning to Lorma Hospital would be strenuous and beneficial, if I needed exercise, the cure is less exercise.

Read this to understand my Sciatica Research:
Sciatica Research

Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines


Sciatica, an inflammation, the way you use the word is clarification. I am trying to learn how to stop inflammation.

Aspirin, I do not know if this is better than Ibuprofen?

I stopped the therapy because the trip to Lorma Hospital caused inflammation.

Moving closer is of course a good solution, however to find a hotel that keeps my stress levels down is a bigger problem. I know of one hotel that is close to the Lorma Hospital and will go interview it. I have a business, I need Internet in my room, plus 90 percent of the knowledge I have is from the Internet, not from the doctors.

Two months to get results? I suspect you are correct, and each person is different, I cut my pain in half just by stretching.



Happiness is simple, a person needs to do more things in a day that makes them happy than things that makes them depressed.

If a person is happy with a hot pad, so be it.

If a person like emu oil, so be it.

I personally think the Vitamin D and the lying in the sun by the swimming pool makes me happy. There is also a vanity situation, if I lose 20 pounds, get tan, sun bleached hair, I will feel younger and more in control of my self.

I think on a very simple level, many men would feel good going to Angeles City. There is nothing better for the self-esteemed than the perceived love of another person.

PERCEIVED, many men cannot differentiate between real and paid for love. I find this aspect of the Philippines intriguing, there are men who feel enabled and powerful because they purchased love.

It is like purchasing a SUV or sports car, many people feel powerful.

I think if I purchased a red Lamborghini I would get a self-esteem rush. In the end I need accomplishments more than purchase.

However, I am the abnormal person, in reality the trip to Angeles City for most men would do more for their self esteem than getting a completion high. The public, the rabble, the proletariot, the general group of people mulling around the planet are easily sastisfied.

I think love is about understanding, I think of a song by Todd Rundgren.
- she loves me in a way I can still recognize -

Good luck, do not lose the plot.


Dubai, Dubai, Singapore, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Japan, Japan, Korea, Korea.

Slavery is about having a person between a rock and a hard spot.

You are way off base Scott.

The women sign up to become cleaning ladies, they go to these countries listed above. The law allows their emplorer to get them thrown out of country, in big trouble with the law. The famly enslave the poor dumb girl or man.

Trust me on this, these young beautiful girls put nose rings in the men of the planet, they are having millions of dollars sent here, they are clever, and for sure it is not slavery. Dubai, Dubai.


RAPE on Planes

Actually there are a lot of Saudi rape and abuse cases reported in newspapers. Their govt. will protect their own citizens and
usually turn a blind eye towards the victims (foreigners) or even jail them for supposedly making false accusations. So, stay the same.

The most horrific incident has recently occurred on a Emirates Airlines and the culprits have gotten away with it. The worst thing about
this case is that this is the 4th case to have happened on this airline.

During the Christmas of 2005, Emirates Airline made its regular flight from Dubai to Manila. However, 4 hours into the flight, most
passengers were sleeping or dozing off. A man approached a lady who was alone and asked her to assist his child in the bathroom.
Not thinking much the lady followed the gentleman to the rear of the plane. Immediately she was grabbed by the mans 3 accomplices
who immediately gagged and taped her mouth and then went on to rape her in the back area of the craft while 2 kept watch, 2 others
molested and raped her.

After they had all had a turn, they forced her to drink a drug laced drink and escorted her to her seat. She had knocked off until she
arrived in manila by which time the 4 men had disembarked and gotten away.

This is a repeat case of the same thing that happened on a flight from Dubai to Mumbai on a Emirates airline.

The Emirates staff are aware of this but when the staff have some suspicion of some incident taking place they make it a
point to avoid going to the back of the plane. This is the 4th case to take place on Emirates airline.

However the worst case of a rape victim on a emirates flight was when a flight from Bangkok to Dubai .. The lady was not
only raped on flight but she was taken thru immigration into Dubai and raped for several days and then later on sold to the

Please pass this on to all females who travel alone.

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Thanks Pauline for posting that terrible bit of news. The rufi which is often used by foreigners as a date rape drug is only used in the Philippines by organized groups of thieves usually small groups of young women looking like educated office girl employees. For me it sort of symbolizes the cultural differences between S.E. Asia and the Philippines and the cultures of wealthier nations.

Andy the ISSUE of love being purchased here by many expats is NOT really any different than most men back in the States or anywhere in the world for that matter. WHY do men strive to succeed? in ANY endeavor? WHY do womens quest for the nest drive their choices in life? Its simple human animal nature! And judging one culture using other cultures as reference points is nearly always relative. HOW many men have PAID the majority of the downpayment and mortgage payments of house which were taken away from them during divorce eharings? Tens of thousands or millions? Wo knows but I meet hundreds of such guys who were previously married to housekeepers who neither themselves nor their ex-wives would EVER consider their relationship and marriage a LOVE PURCHASE but how would a CPA or any small business person view it?? Most likely nearly all men or the majority of them are purchasing love.

I like yourself am an exception here in the S.E. Asia as I have never had a long term relationship with a woman who was NOT 100 completely self-supportive and financially independent and always dated Dutch Treat style.


A nice Indiana guy is a soft target for clever girls. I have my are-you-a-prostitute-meter on high. If a women starts to talk to me, looks, enters my world, I am suspect. The way a girl words a sentence tell me their motivations.

I want nice, happy people and girls in my life who are not preoccupied with either money or status.

When I am in the USA my P Meter goes crazy, the girls want something, they are not just having fun.