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Stockpiling Money at Uganda Border

Stockpiling Money at Uganda Border
I want to enter Rwanda, I must carry enough money into the country to live for the whole trip because there are no ATM‘s in the country. Therefore, I am going daily to the ATM at the Stanbic Bank here in Kisoro and trying to withdraw money.

(In 11 years of travel, I have never done a credit card cash advance in a bank and have never carried traveler’s checks.)

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is a Stanbic Bank in Uganda; there is normally a long line in front of the ATM machine at the Stanbic Banks. There was a line in Mubende, Kasese, and now there is a line in Kisoro, Uganda this is the future of banking.

There was a Barclays Bank in Kabale and if I had positively known I needed to stockpile money for Rwanda, I would have done so in this city at a better bank.

I am speculating, I am never positive what I need for a country until I am leaving. However, as best I can discover today it will cost me 10-20 US Dollars per night for Hotels in Rwanda.

30 Days times 30 Dollars is 900 US Dollars, I need 900 Dollars, this will take about five days to collect, I can withdraw up to 300, however the ATM is not working every day.

Rwanda is maybe a third the size of Uganda, I believe there would be no problem is crossing the country and leaving in one day. I will gauge my money, if I am worried I will go to Tanzania. If I were really in trouble, I would wire myself money with Western Union. I use my father’s account because Western Union does not allow a person to wire money online to one’s self.

I am in Kisoro, the blue line shows my anticipated path, the next problem will be Burundi, I have not discovered any ATM machines in this country either.

Generally Backpackers skip Rwanda and Burundi, because of they are more French and expensive. I have been looking forward to these countries because so far East Africa has been boring in comparison to West Africa.
I would feel like a liar if I attached the word Adventure to this trip, I think of words like, tedious, boring, annoying, ordeal, and smelly.

Yes, this is my “Smelly” East African trip, I have been riding and living with people who stink, and this has been the challenge of East Africa. I must tolerate humans who do not shower well. I need to qualify this so people do not stupidly make words into absolutes. One in Five people in the Countries of Kenya and Uganda have smelled bad, Ethiopia was cleaner, maybe one in ten.

I just had a funny thought, when I was in the country of Estonia or Lithuania a person would walk by and reek of alcohol they are many drunks there. It is often the same here, however with body odor. I have trouble entering the ATM room…

The shining star in Uganda is I am able to rent high quality movies for 1000-1500 Shillings and watch on my computer. Truly this keeps me emotionally and mentally balanced, I can escape into a movie.

Stockpiling Money at Uganda Border