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Stock Market Monday Effect

Today is Friday; the Dow has gone down for three days, what will happen on Monday?

Three days of dropping stock prices, that end on Friday, that has to be a formula for disaster. There is an overabundance of Mom and Pops volunteering to lose money in the Stock Market.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, January 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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We Talked if Over and Decided
These nice people may go home over the weekend, lose their nerve and on Monday put in a sell order. Now, the stock players may short, already taken their profits on Friday and you, Mom or Pop pay the price.

Everyone has an opinion about Stocks, but I truly believe this recession is a double dipper; it is inevitable that the higher the Dow goes, the more nervous Mom and Pop become.

Fun stuff, unless your lose your shirt, I am lucky, I invest in my own site, and have no need to invest in the stock market. A great way to turn a fortune into a shoestring.

Bottom line, you may want to consider taking profits, and returning later.

Stock Market Monday Effect