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South Bend to New York Flight 2009

I am about to get on my United flight from South Bend to Chicago, and tranfer to a New York City flight. I think I paid about 135 one-way when purchasing with

My shampoo and a few other liquids cost me 20 bucks in Baggage fee, I am going to do a complete reworking of my travelers bag strategy for airplanes.

I paid 155 for the plane ticket from South Bend to New York, not what is on the receipt. I am now carrying one less bag because I was not positive would allow me check two bags. Hmmm, maybe I can dump the liquids in New York and see if I can avoid the luggage fees. At least the were upfront on the fees, while did not deal with the issue.

South Bend Airport - United States of America - Monday, November 2, 2009
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I am lighter now, my two bags are carry on size, they do not count laptop bags. I could have carried it on, not paid the luggage fee if I off-loaded all my liquids. The USA airlines have more rules that are not utilized when flying international. Most countries on the planet are small; truly do not have many domestic flights. Therefore the Domestic flights semi treat you same as International flights. I am happy I do not travel domestic in the USA, I am always worried about losing my checked bag. I have had the bags misplaced by USA Airlines about four times in the last 12 years, and never outside. Every luggage problem started with a flight that began in the USA.

South Bend to New York Flight 2009


Everyone has a carrry-on, the leave it at the door of the plane and check it, then have to wait as they get off the plane. Not sure I understand this USA system, I know the overhead compartments do not hold the 14 x 9 x 22 standard size carry on. But if you cannot carry it on, then why not checked.

I am still trying to remember if I ever heard of this 3 - 1 - 1 fluid thing outside the USA. there appears to be some USA - Centric rules I am not fully aware of because I do no live in the USA.