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Sosua is an Adults Only City

There was a Real Estate television show about Sosua in the USA recently. There must have been one of them info-commercial television shows on televisions telling lies about Sosua last week. I have had numerous readers write me as if the real estate situation here is great.

Yes, it is a great place for buyers, the real estate sales here is a disaster zone; you could buy real estate half their asking price.
Sosua is a city of prostitutes
However, please understand this is city full of prostitutes; this has the highest percentage of female prostitutes on the planet. It is almost impossible to find a young girl here that is not trying to sell her body.

The major has been trying to clean up the prostitutes, I am told she has the police go around and collect them. Sosua is dependent on the business of prostitutes, if it is stopped, this city could become a ghost town for 5-10 years and the price of real estate would plummet even further. Now, please understand, the ocean, the homes, and the quality of the situation for beaches would stay the same, it would come back, but without the prostitutes, but it would take years.

If I had an extra 200,000 sitting around, I would be buying distressed properties right now, this is the buy your home cash Mecca, and nobody is doing it.

Do not bring a family here, it is an adult community.
This is one of the worst places on the planet to bring a family with children. I am 100 percent, sure, a family should choose the city of Cabarete just 15 minutes drive down the beach from here, it is the family place.

I am here because I want to talk with Expat men at the coffee shop in the morning, and the central business district of Sosua is centralized. While there is no central business district in Cabarete, it is just road city full of hotels, there is not much of a city to speak of, the beach is great, and the city sucks. Cabarete is a bigger tourist trap than Sosua.

Sosua is for adult living only, do not bring your family here, it is a beach and environment for adults. This I a place where a husband and wife could arrange kinky sex, or men have a manage de trois.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I stopped the comments because of reader’s illusions and romantic views of DR.

If there is one thing, you learn from writing a travel Blog for 10 years, readers have pre-conceived ideas about countries that I cannot interrupt. Well, when a reader has read marketing materials for 30 years about beautiful beaches, nice people and cliché sunsets, they are not going to believe me. Nevertheless, worst for me is the never-ending comments from people who have businesses in these cities saying I am wrong. They are outrageous liars, and will work for hours to try to stop the truth from surfacing.

I am not wrong, this place is full of prostitutes, and it is like Amsterdam on steroid, a fun place to look at strange and unusual behavior.

I will turn the comment back on when I leave Sosua, the bottom line, do not jack around with peoples fantasies in life, they get angry, they protect the lies they tell themselves. We are working diligently to stop the idiots from joining the site, so the majority of readers, the majority of nice people on the planet can avoid the jerks. Nice people on the planet are always the quiet majority, but to stop the spammers, trolls, and liars is an act of God.

Electricity here reminds me of Uganda or India
Sosua, DR has some of the worst electric on the planet, and the best backup system on the planet, I am truly living in a third world nation. As best I can tell, the electricity has gone off for a couple of hours every day since I have been in this country. It is not a huge problem for me, because my room has a good electrical backup system.

This is an excellent system, quiet, peaceful and it works seamlessly, when the public electricity goes off, this type of electrical backup starts, you almost do not notice the change. The first questions out of your mouth about the hotel or resort is for them to explain the backup system and if they use it 24/7.

There are three major Hotel noise annoyances in third world countries.

1. Chickens - I can hear one now.
2. Gas or Diesel powered electrical generators.
3. Dogs barking - Not a big problem in Sosua

Why should a reader come here?
It is the only place I know on the planet, where I can arrive without a reservation and find a small studio style apartment with stove, fridge, cable TV and WIFI in the room for less than 400 USD per month.

It is a great place for a person who works from home and wants a working vacation for a month.

I am here on a working vacation; Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago Atitlan is about twice as good of location to work on the Internet. The electricity and Internet is substantially faster and stable, but the hippie dippie Christian missionaries are annoying.

When I leave Sosua on the 25 of June, I will go the USA and try to work for three week with my parent’s connection. I will then try to find another place to work.

The only acceptable places are Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, and Peru; I do not know anywhere else that is in my budget. You can always find an acceptable place to work on the Internet, it is the cost of the city living that is a problem; it is dependent upon our budget. I can go up to about 1000 per month, those four countries work at that budget, and down to 500 USD.

However, if you just want a nice room with Internet for a month, you cannot beat Sosua, it is the champion. They feel obligated to offer a stove, fridge, and WIFI in all available rooms; it is considered standard features of a rooms for rent.

Sosua is an Adults Only City