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Sosua: I suppose I should not complain

I have been to Sosua, Dominican Republic now two times in my life; it is an ok place to hang out. There are some exceptional negatives, but there are some exceptional positives.

Jungle Juiced Number 147
What do I long for in life, I want a good conversation. This is a photo of the Jungle Juiced drinking spot at building number 147. This is the "Swedish Connection" on Sosua beach, the place where you can go and talk with Swedish people in English. They all speak English, so do not worry.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Five Minute Walk to Beach
I am analyzing the real estate here in Sosua, I live in Charamicos with a balcony overlooking the ocean, and I can see the whole beach from my balcony. I can walk to Jungle Juiced in less than five minutes from my present house.

I have been thinking about this for three weeks, this location is the best in Sosua, I do not think I can get a better view of the ocean. If Chris or Ani ever move out, I want to rent this place by the year, it is that wonderful.

I do not want to live here all year, but this is the ideal, perfect location to have a two-month house.

There is no right or wrong about a place, if I do not like a place, I say what is wrong, that does not mean it is 100 percent wrong, just specifics I do not like. If another person disagrees, they should realize it alright to disagree, just do not tell me you know the world, I do know the world better than anybody I know. (Hmm, there was a Holland guy on the plane in the Philippines)

You have to live at least a month to be able to compare countries, and then you cannot get much of an idea, and the people who live in resorts are the last to understand…

I do know one thing, I would only enjoy living in Cabaret at high season, right now in low season it is dead, a zero, and double the cost of Sosua, not a good deal…

While these men that hang out at the Jungle Juice are there all year. I am becoming good friends with a guy by the name of Frank from Sweden.

Today, I tried to pay a guy Michel today to take me to every expat hangout on the beach. Not the bars, but the casual hangouts, the clusters. He said no, but he is broke, I think I can talk him into it. I know he knows, he has been here for 27 years. Hmm, I bet I can get Frank to do it, never quite understand Michel, he seems to be a little pickled.

Good expat Hangout on the planet are not easy to find, however it is easy to find a bunch of expat drunk losers hanging out in bar talking noise. Nevertheless, to find a group of expats who have some sense is rare.

I recommend everyone go to Jungle Juiced and drink a beer, it is another world most American never see. Ani my roommate said a few minutes ago,
"Andy, you have been around the block, you know what is up."

How big is your snapshot of the world?

Sosua: I suppose I should not complain


Good article today. This is good info. Last night on the TV, the International Real Estate show had Sousa as one of the spots someone was looking at to purchase a home. I am begining to think I should check out Sousa. I like the prices.


I worked for years in El Salvador and Guatemala with good common sense ex pats, from USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Norway, France and yes my on line associate is a native of Sweden living in Latin America, worked WITH Latinos, never FOR one, have and had my reasons. Of course you at at a beach resort, many of the ex pats I worked with, most bi or multi lingual and many married to locals, lived in Antigua/Guate city in Guatemala, San Salvador Metro Area in El Salvador, San Pedro sula in honduras, Managua, Masaya and Granada in Nicaragua and San jose, CR, I live a half hours drive from some of the most beautiful surfing beaches in the world and I visit them about 6 or 7 times a year, work voluntary now in development of rural cultural and ecotourism in El Salvador, in the mountain areas, much of the work is done on line from home, such as translating webpages or giving advices, etc. Years ago in Guatemala when I was unoccupied I started hanging in ex pat bars, now I visit briefly, if there are a lot of drunks and noise I leave at once there is now a big local and ex pat night 'bohemian' bar scene only blocks from where I live, not interested, if there are say 2 or 3 people in a place, no one half in the bag with an attitude, and I am able to strike up a conversation, fine. Most ex pat watering holes I have visited have a sign or bumper sticker that says NO WHINING, nuff said.
My Mom was European, emigrated to USA via El Salvador in world War 2, so can't think 100 "American", once won $50 in a Guate city ex pat bar, American ex pat pointed out an old German ex pat who spoke only German and spanish, told me $50 was mine if I could hold a converstaion auf Deutsch with hom for 30 minutes, money was mine, guess Josef Stalin was right "The Jews are but little more than wandering Cosmopolitans" and seem to be becoming an endangered species once again, what would I do living at a beach resort, go muschuginnah?????