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Sosua DR has a Good Balance of Foreigners Vs Locals

When I am completely immersed in a culture, as I was in West Africa, after about five months I become burned out. If on the other hand, I never talked with locals, I would just move home or to some simple place in the USA, there is a need for balance. I am rather burned out from West West Africa, I needed to leave, even though I love the place, my life was out of balance.

Sosua is good, if I want to go talk with Americans, I can go talk with Americans, if I want to go talk to DR locals, I can do that. (I would rather go talk with Ghana, Togo, or Ivory Coast)

Pay Inequity
The primary reason to live outside the USA is my earning power makes me a rich man in countries like the DR. Unless, I became silly and paid the same here for things as in the USA, which strangely happens often to people, many people pay more rent here than in the USA. There is the high rent and the low rent, sort of the silly folks and the ones that understand pay inequity.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Saturday, April 30, 2011
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I am Walking Around in a Fog
I have not heard anyone talking about the war in Cote d’Ivoire, my life has completely changed channels. It was amazing, yesterday I had to get a map out to show two foreigner where Guatemala was located.

Between the jetlag, the radically change in cultures, and stop living with an African woman, my life is hazy. I am fine, the food is better here, the conversations are better, but maybe I am not as connected. I am not in the moment involved with life.

It is funny, the foreigners talk at super speed, I have not listened to high speed talk in a long time, it is rather overwhelming.

Sadly, the violence and crime here in Sosua is about 10 times worst than Ghana, I must lock three doors to leave the house. Every door or window in this place has bars on them, and if they do not they are gated communities. West African people are aggressive, but not with malice, the men are just alpha male types, sometimes they want you to pay attention in a forceful way, but I never needed to worry about them having a gun.

Sosua DR has a Good Balance of Foreigners Vs Locals