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Somebody Read a Doug Lansky Book

Somebody Read a Doug Lansky Book
I am a traveler, I cannot purchase specific books, I am endless doomed to reading books I find along my path. However, I happened on a couple of quotes that that tell me this guy may have a clue, or a great publicist and editor.

He said,
“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he comes to see.”


“According to Lansky the difference between a tourist and traveler is not the guidebooks, cameras or goofy hats and tacky outfits: “The traveler is the one who constantly pushes themselves out of their comfort zone as often as humanly possible.””

I found both of the quotes on this review, that looks like a well-written press release to me:

Get Lost

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… At three times the price, sorry.


I think the two quotes are good, who knows who said them, maybe it was Katie Lovett interpretation of Doug Lansky that was intuitive. I know some readers may know me better than me, and can explain me clearly.

Well, whatever, these two quotes above are insightful, something that would lead me to buy a book I would never read. I suppose I should put one or more of his books into my sales page, but I have not read, so I am not recommending his books or selling them. I am just saying, somebody who does not travel should read and tell a true traveler about the books… hehehe

Carrying around books all over planet earth is a heavy task, not a good idea, most of the books I read cost one dollars or are free, to pay more than 2 dollars is outside my desire to be entertained.

Is this all marketing or is there real meat to the text, I

Somebody Read a Doug Lansky Book


Generally I consider my BlackBerry storm the answer to all my small problems because it has an internet data connection in 170 plus countries.

I use Mobi Reader or MobiPocket on my BlackBerry Storm to read books.

I use to get books, they are free.

I have five books on my BlackBerry.

I have about 300 PDF books on my computer, coming from all sorts of nefarious sources.

I can read books really easy, I just do not see that paying 8-15 Dollars is needed for entertainment books. I will not pay more than 3 dollars to read a book. I would pay more for a book that makes me learn how to make money.

I love to read, read many books, but I am not going to pay more than the 3 dollars per book prices for something I must dump or throw away.


Hello Richard, (Roughguide Writer - Editor)

These two es as I read are from a lecture,

He said,
“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he comes to see.”

Richard is the Rough Guide (Guidebook) editor of West Africa and also to Kenya. More or less he know a lot about Africa.

He has made many comments on this Travel Journal when I am in either East or West Africa, and I call him a friend.

This e also points are why I get indignant readers and mean comments, the readers come as tourist to read what they came to read, I wrote as a traveler what I see, not what they wanted to read.

I have been to 85 countries, I am not in love with any of them, I like a few more than others, but have no loyalty to any, except maybe the USA. Which in my view, a person should love the country they live in...but to defend any and all aspects of the country is crazy. American are indeed fatter than other countries, why is debatable.

Thanks Richard.
I am think a lot about Liberia right now, but a trip from South Africa to Tanzania is also in my hopper.


I found two links of his that are informative.

Note, to wanna be writers, he is use the second most prevalent form of monetization of travel.

First - Make money at home, go travel for six months, come back, do it again.
(Not a perpetual traveler.)

Second - Get free trips given to you and go write about them, sucking up all the way and write about it in a magazine, Most of the time this person is not traveling.
(Not really possible to be perpetual traveler, these people work in offices.)

Third - Write books, then spend time promoting the books. This is Doug in a way, I suspect he is also making money lecturing. He appears to have broken into the book writing or travel writing genre with the help of Roughguide, I am not sure, but I suspect he traveled and learned by being a Roughguide Guide writer first.
(He could be a perpetual traveler, however in reality he is probably working more than I would ever dream of..and traveling less than I would dream of... )

Fourth - Retirement Money (Can be perpetual traveler.)

Fifth - Make money from an Internet page, this is how I do it.
(Not really possible for the majority, they need to do the third, same as Doug.)

Here are a couple of links on the guy, his webpage.

And his video page: