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Some people never go crazy What horrible lives they must lead

A reader sent a nice attaboy letter to me today, telling me she watch my videos and traveled along with me for an hour, in the signature was the quote.
~~ Some people never go crazy. What horrible lives they must lead. ~~
I want to know the origins of this quote, who in a brief moment of clarity first wrote it down; it is how I feel today.

Ghana West Africa --- Friday, February 18, 2011


Slowing the Crazy
The lifestyle of a traveler is always one breath away from becoming a runaway train, I must continually pull back on the brake. If I do not, the rush of life will come streaming into my door, into my brain, and a whole crowd of unruly neighbors will start playing ping-pong in my brain.

Life is good, it always gets better, and in the end, we must accept, there is no other choice. To not say life is good is to believe in doom.

La vie c’est belle…

I took a brief moment from life to work, or not work, this Travelogue is my diary and friend, it is the filter on my brain that keeps me grounded to reality.

Here is a page with Life is Good translated into many languages. Please add another one if you may, there is no better works than to inflate a balloon full of life is good quotes.

Some people never go crazy What horrible lives they must lead