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Solar Electricity for BlackBerry Storm

Solar Electricity for BlackBerry Storm in Uganda
I think Uganda uses 220, however truthfully I am not positive because the electronic devices I have work both ways. The electricity went off about 24 hours ago and just came back on, it was a good experience for me, I got to play with my two solar panels.

Ishaka, Uganda
East Africa
Thursday, May 7, 2009


Solar Panel in window of Park House Hotel in Ishaka, Uganda

I have two solar panels, I have never used them, I have been carrying them for just this type of occasion.
“Did they work?”

However, maybe I learned enough today to whereby the next time the electricity goes off I will be prepared. I am rather lazy, or possibly I am effective, I do not cloud up my brain with extra information, I learn when there is a need. The acuteness of a problem motivates me to apply myself and learn, therefore today the subject was Solar Panels.

The goal is to create a 12 Volt off the electrical grid system, this panel has 10 AA 1.2 volt batteries and the output I hope is 12 Volts.

This is the solar panel, my friend Hot Springs Freak Chris purchased for me when was in Africa last time. I think the system cost less than 75 dollars because I gave him strict guidelines, a backpacker would be crazy to pay more than 75 dollars for these toys. I cannot find a brand name on the solar panel; the company does not seem to what a free plug from users like me.

10 AA Battery Pack, Cigarette Lighter Adapter, and the BlackBerry Storm, this appears to be a good combination. The probably today was the Batteries were not already charged; therefore, it would not power the BlackBerry in real time. I need to leave this in the window to charge for a day or two to be prepared.


1. There is no LED light or any notification that the solar panel was working. Luckily, there is a light on the cord of the auto adapter cord of the BlackBerry that proved there was electricity.

2. I cannot charge the 10 pack of batteries directly from normal on the grid power; it appears this requires me to use solar.

3. I have no way of knowing when the battery pack is fully charged.

4. I should have had two or three BlackBerry batteries; I only have one and should have found a way to charge outside the BlackBerry Storm.


1. It appears I need to buy voltage meter to test this equipment.

2. Pay 2000 for roundtrip ticket to the USA, get two BlackBerry batteries and come back.


1. The solar panel without battery storage is close to worthless.

2. When it rains, the electricity tends to go off; there is almost no sun today.

3. I need to study and make a charging system for the 10 pack of AA batteries; Solar is truly ineffective in compared to normal electricity.

4. I also should be able to charge this 10 pack of batteries from an automobile cigarette lighter or all the power of a motorcycle.

5. The Battery of a BlackBerry Storm with heavy use last about 5-10 hours, and a Computer last about two hours.

6. I may be able to charge my BlackBerry from the USB port of the computer, however may be tricky.

I hope that BlackBerry sells a ready out of the package solar system for less than 100 US Dollars.

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Solar Electricity for BlackBerry Storm in Uganda