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Smartphone E-mail Business Associate Interview

I do business using the internet as my conduit for communication. I have realized for years, if a worker, business partner, sub-contractor, webmaster, graphics designer, or casual business relations business associate does not reply to emails, I cannot do business with these people.

I now use my Verizon HTC Touch Pro II to start my interview, I can use this Smartphone to start and finish this process faster than before.

Exchanging e-mails is extremely accurate, I can type in the e-mail of a person, hand them the Smartphone, and ask them to check the e-mail. Often people are too lazy to even check the e-mail for accuracy, they just say good, and it bounces, amazing, but true, sloppiness is common. In many ways, this is better than a business card, there is only one action, not two needed.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, March 6, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Interview Steps

1. Exchange E-mail
- Check their understanding of Smartphone’s
- See if they are detail orientated, do they check accuracy.
- Do they know their e-mail?
- Type of email, I want to do business with people who use G-mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or maybe something
- I write a message, please reply to this email.

2. Reply to E-mail
- I wait for reply
- I expect to receive the reply within 24 hours

3. Call and ask the person to send me a file.
- If they person replies, later I will ask them to send me a file of something.
- I make a request over email; I want to know if they can provide friendly services without a telephone call prompt.
- Did the person enter my e-mail into their address book, or do they only reply to e-mails?

4. Receive
- I am happy if they send something, they are really doing good if they make it to step 4, maybe about 1 in 10 make it this far.

5. Who, When, Where, What, Why, How, and How Much
- Communication skills, I want to see a three-sentence introduction in the e-mail, I want to know if they fail to provide the interrogatives to stage the e-mail.

Business is Contact Sport
We start business relationship by making contact with other people, the person who can maintain contact is the winner.

Signs of Losers:
1. Change E-mails often
2. Never pick up the telephone
3. Do not reply to e-mails, they need to consider this the required business manners.
4. Change business address
5. Person says, they are busy.

The easier you can make contact, the fewer hoops you are required to jump through, the more effective your business will function.

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Smartphone E-mail Business Associate Interview


Those steps seem so simple and obvious. It's amazing how few follow through. I guess that's why there are more losers than winners. Winning takes work!