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When using overseas, we must agree, if the call breaks, I will call you back, do you understand? allows me to call any land line or cell phone in the USA for 2 cents per minute, and if the person has a account, we can talk free.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

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--------------------------------- is a tricky….

Five Easy Rules

1. If they call breaks, we agree who should try to call me back so we both do not connect to voice mails. This is truly an annoying problem, to try repeatedly means we will never connect.

2. When you call me, because I am outside the USA, I will call you back so I can pay 2 cents per minutes.

3. If we are friends, I may not pick it up if it forwards to the cell, you should try again.

4. Please try 3-5 times, do not give up after one attempt, calling over the Internet is not perfect.

5. Let the Phone ring at least 10-15 times, allowing the system to forward to my cell.

I have a number that forwards to my cell phone to my current country. I can give this number to people, they then call a USA telephone number, this number than forwards to me. like this, the person clicks on my Icon and make a free call and it can turn into a call that cost between about 10 cents and 1.50 Dollars per minute. I do not mind answering and paying the high fee, I do wish everyone understood.

It cost me 2 cents to call the USA.

When you call my USA number, it cost as much as 1.50 per minute.

Here is a kicker; my Thailand girlfriend can call the USA for 2 cents per minute. She calls my USA number, then forwards to me.

The call is routed, Thailand - USA - Philippines or (Current Country.)

She pays 2 cents per minute using a calling card.

I pay approximately 22 cents per minute to receive the call. Calling Rates:

Note, I also have a Yahoo account that allows me to call landlines.

Are there more rules we need to know? Calling Rules Tip


Andy, I use the exact same setup, although only when am in a timezone closer to the USA. I have included some useful Skype information below.

When the call is forwarded to your cell and someone leaves a voicemail, the voicemail is left on the cell voicemail, not Skype voicemail (lots of people have asked me this question). It can be confusing for them when they hear a prompt to leave a message in a different language.

I actually get caller ID of the forwarded Skype Call, not bad, so I can tell exactly who called.

You can set up your Skype account to show your caller ID (your USA number) when you call a phone from your Skype account.

In Thailand, if they call me on the cell I will answer. Then I will call them back using my italk calling card which costs less than 1 baht per minute to call from my cell to the USA. I much prefer calling from my cell than calling from my computer -- I don't have to have my computer, a solid WiFi connection, my earphones and mic, I can move around while talking, etc.

I link my Skype account to my paypal account so that it is recharged on the go. If I am on a call and my balance gets low, it is recharged while I am talking and the call will not end.

Another rule when the call is forwarded to a cell is to give each other time to talk. The latency seems to increase. With some people who don't pause often enough, it can be hard to get a word in edgewise and you end up talking over each other.