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Skinny Black Girl in Africa Says I Need to Lose Weight

2011-01-14 21:31:41

This skinny 24-year-old Black Ebony Goddess from Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa had the gall to say,
"Andy, when I see you again, this fat needs to be gone."

She told me that daily, as she played with my belly, poked at my body, and wiggled the fat deposit, this is truly annoying. Everything in my mind told me, stop this young babe from making fun of you. I did so a couple of times, then remembering how "enablers" pro-longed my alcoholism I was grateful to her for being obnoxiously correct.

"Damn you women, yes, I am fat in comparison to you."

Lose Weight Fast Blog

Getting Fat then losing weight, getting fat, and then losing weight, this is the horrible soap opera of my life. I truly wish I could just say,
"I quit."

I have been steadily losing weight in West Africa, this should make me happy. However, my over 55 body is misbehaving, it is not reacting the same as it has for the last 30 years of yo yo weight control. My normal method of losing weight is "Starvation."

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Saturday, January 15, 2011


A regular reader sent a sad letter:


You really hit a nerve with me the other day when you said you did not want to have friends that were overweight. You avoided them, if I remember correctly. Now you have written this:

My parents were extreme in their teachings, prejudice is wrong, to treat any human being as an inferior or with no respect is wrong. I am grateful to my parents for their staunch and explicit teachings. When I am around blacks, I do not have some old feeling of guilt. I never heard my family, father or mother say some racist comments

I feel you have missed the point in what your parent's tried to teach you. You got the black part, but missed everything else. Myself being a full figured girl, feel belittled, and unimportant with regards to your comments about body size and not wanting to be friends with anyone who carries around extra pounds. I have been a faithful follower for a long time, I am not sure if I want to continue. Everyone has a choice, you have elected to avoid larger people, and not even give them a chance., what a missed opportunity for you.

Enjoy your skinny black girls in Africa, they have less demands than the white full figured ones in the United States of America. They just want a white boy.

Sorry I am mad, maybe I will return, when you go to another continent.


Shorts Cost Two Dollars in West Africa
I purchased five pairs of "used shorts" in Guatemala, I have replaced all but the skinny pair, and I am hoping to replace this set of five soon, with a new skinny pair. I got rid of two shirts, they were just too big, I am losing weight, but this skinny black chick says,
"Andy you are fat."

Ooh, this makes my blood boil.

Americans are Fat
This is another comment that makes my blood boil, and I have finally stopped defending Americans and agree. I do not even do the "German Butthead."
--- Butt, we have an extremely large number of gyms, with some super body builders.
--- Butt -You do not see the truly cut Americans, the hippie dippie, save the world, dread and tattoo bunch are the ones that travel, the ones that cannot compete inside the USA, and want to be a big fish in a small pond.
--- Butt - I have been to Germany, England, etc…. it is about the same.
--- Butt - How can a European get fat, they have to walk miles because the road systems are so bad, not because they exercise, they have no choice…

To treat any human being as an inferior or with no respect is wrong
What this person wrote, or what I wrote maybe has been ruminating around in my head for the last week, trying to find rest. Cognitive Dissonance, there is no peace in "Andy Graham’s" head. Hmm, now that I am writing this down, I can see another idea or another question is posed. Did Cynthia treat me as an inferior, when she threatened?
"Andy, when I see you again, this fat needs to be gone."

Did she treat me as an inferior? I guess she did, when comparing my body to hers, some type of hard body, you are trying to make me look bad body, and by comparison, I will always lose. Truly walking with her made me feel old and fat, and proud, a lot of mixed feelings.

Inferior Defined:
This is truly a dysfunctional way to skin a cat, to pick at straws, to slice and dice words can be a way to evade what the reader’s intentions were. When I said, to treat people as an inferior, did I mean by definition?

Inferior means of lower station, rank, degree, or grade.

I think the true essence of the "inferior" comment by me, what my segregation comment, that final judgment statement,
"feel belittled, and unimportant with regards to your comments about body size and not wanting to be friends with anyone who carries around extra pounds."

Do I stop being friends with people who grow fat? I do not think so, maybe I do avoid them when they are going on some rant about why it is ok for them to be fat.

Maybe I should look this from my perspective as a recovering alcoholic; do I think practicing Alcoholics are inferior? Yes, they are sick, and corrupt, they have a thinking problem, they are mentally ill. There is one part of their whole that is not whole, but some of these practicing alcoholics can be genetically skinny and fit, they truly annoy me, except for the fat alcoholics.

Truly, any way I do this, this can of worms spills out onto the table, and these slimy worms go slithering away, in all directions. Is life 100 percent congruent and consistent?

I could write a book on this subject, hehehe, I just remembered, I could not find a good graphics, so I made the graphic above, pretending to write a book. Moreover, what do you know, my method of attacking and "Thinking Problem" or dysfunctional problem I have is to start writing a book, or "Journalizing," just not in secret, and hoping to make cash by writing.

Lose Weight Fast Blog

Travel is life, and life involves getting fat, so I put on my 200 top travel subjects. There is nothing more real, than the number of fat tourist on the planet.

Answer to Inferior Question
Yes, I believe I treat fat people as inferior, and looking in the mirror all my life has been painful, I am constantly feeling inadequate around them jerks with perfect genetics. I have to work ten times harder to do what many skinny people do with no effort. I feel less, I feel of lower status, and I think maybe I am, people treat skinny people better. (I will stay off the bald and short, gay, and all the other fun cats.)

Do I treat fat people with respect? I think it is according to their level of fat, obesity and age, when I see some of these FAT, I mean white, pasty, ugly, truly fat, fat, fat little 20 year old girls in Peace Corps here, trying to save the world, no, I do not treat them with a lot of respect.

Oops, there are always some waves of respect, some waves of disrespect. I guess people can earn or lose respect rather fast in life. I am 100 percent positive of one thing; food is part of an addictive process, much the same as alcoholism.

I am 100 percent sure that many a fat person thinks of me, a recovering alcoholic as inferior, but in reality, I am just a drunk who stopped drinking. I sometimes say,
"A drunk in remission."

I am going to enjoy the comments on this post, there is no softer target, no pun intended, than the amount of fat and obese readers, I truly should go back and put a "We" and include myself, and neutralize, and edit this, but nope, I will let her fly.

If you truly do not want to be fat, maybe you can join me, as I work on this issue. I am over 55 and my body is not losing weight the same, maybe some type of male menopause, whatever it is, this for sure sucks.
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Asia Bills Wisdom

Bill wrote an exceptionally astute, convoluted and to the point paragraph in a comment: I was going to hook onto it and think, then realized it was spot on, it applied to Fat people and Alcoholics.

"My wife and daughter find my speaking or attempting to voice opinions or opening conversation in public, especially the supermarket of shopping mall embarrassing or rude or uncivilized. Still to this day after 27+ years don't get "IT" why I guess being frank, candid or expressive is considered low class and uncivilized and invading or confrontational to people in public from the points of view. So I accepted the fact that I AM A PEASANT!"

In a roundabout way, what I wrote above was "Peasant." What I wrote above was functional, it was not dysfunctional. I remember in Midland, Michigan a women saying often,
"I am well by the number of secrets I have."

Functional people bring their secrets out into the open for the world to view, dysfunctional people, try to hide them, evade them and be civilized, there is a brilliance in saying,
"The King has No Clothes."

Yes, and how dare this skinny black girl, how can she say for me to lose weight, it is not proper… hehehe

I hate that people treat me, a recovering alcoholic, with four DWI’s and a Felon as inferior, I long ago decided to
"Get even by succeeding."

Skinny Black Girl in Africa Says I Need to Lose Weight

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