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Should I Cry or Smile over Ivory Coast

2011-04-12 06:40:43

Laurent Gbagbo has lost his war with Alassane Ouattara. An outsider would assume that peace would now return to Ivory Coast and "Bah" the girl living with me could return to her country in safety. I am an insider, therefore I am not able to avoid thinking or feeling about the war.

I received a CNN alert in my e-mail box yesterday saying that Gbagbo was captured, immediately I walked down the kitchen where Bah was making spaghetti and told her,
"Gbagbo has been taken by the French and Alassane."
She said little,
"I need MTN Credit so I can call Ivory Coast (a.k.a. Cote d’Ivoire.)
I handed here my extra 5 Cedi card used for my MTN USB Internet Modem, and went back to the Hotel room to wait for Bah to decompress.

Comments from girl inside Ivory Coast.
I asked Bah,
"What did you friend in Abidjan say?"

I was told that the national TV was saying this and that, and the general situation.
I asked,
"Is your friend OK?"
Bah become irritated,
And says,
"It smells."
"What smells"
"All the bodies in the streets."

I asked,
"What does your friend see?"
"The Islamic people are dancing in the street."

Bah calls her sister in Grand Bassam and is told the price of food has doubled, or tripled and ever good person is hiding inside their house. The day before people came to the Bon Prix super market and broke the windows and destroyed the store.

The balance of power is now out of balance, this means the losers of the war are in great danger. Bah says later,
"All the ‘Alepe" people are dead, all my people are dead, they all supported Gbagbo."

She is drawing conclusions, and I am not sure what to say, 60 percent says she is correct. The question is this,
"Are the force of France and the United Nation going to protect the loser of the war, the Gbagbo supporters?"
The were not able to insure an election happened peacefully?

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Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Should I Cry or Smile over Ivory Coast