Should I Compare Countries

A reader commented they do not enjoy me comparing countries. I have aggravated myself with this issue for many years, and I still do not have an acceptable solution.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Sunday, January 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I do understand, it is possible that 99 percent of readers do not want me to compare countries.

Three Types of Readers

Read or at least monitor every day, regardless of country. Maybe they read the titles, and then make a choice rather to read the whole article, the same as newspaper.

Bookmark the site, then check in to see what I am doing, peruse around the site, trying to find interesting articles. They are loyal readers, however for many reasons, do not read daily. I read many Travel Blogs in this way, I am a traveler, and I do not have an internet connection. It is impossible read Travel Blogs while I am traveling unless they send the whole text inside an email.

This is a one-country reader, who is doing research; they want to learn about the country they are thinking about visiting.

Think about this, which one of these three are you? I have analyzed this for years, and I have taken a path that leads to the least amount of daily readers. Why?

Do you want me to compare countries?

Should I Compare Countries