Shoot the Messenger a Writer

Shoot the Messenger a Writer
I think good writing sacrifices love for a dream, the readers often shoots the messenger.

After writing 4500 travel post I have learned about my writing style, voice and strategy. I try to not edit my thoughts, I try to expose my inner most thoughts and beliefs.

The more I write, the more I type into this computer, the great my capacity to control and direct my waves of thoughts. Writing is an art form, the writer paints a picture that can be interpreted, understand and misunderstood in many ways. The goal is an emotional response, if I do my job correctly, then you feel.

“Joy, Sadness, Trust, Disgust, Fear, Anger.”
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



What is the goal of people who write, my feeling is the vast majority want to be famous and loved. Today as I was moderating the comments, I am often chastised for making readers, I can feel their anger. They will reciprocate and try to get revenge; they want me to stop writing. This is easy, they should just stop reading and it ends for them.

I then thought about martyrs, I have zero desire to be a martyr, but what is interesting is that martyrs are often killed for writing, talking or exposing what they think. The messenger is shot.

Generally, to change people maybe we must be hated, the messenger must be shot, and a writer must sacrifice the love of a few for the greater good of the group, to feed the dream, to explain the ideal.

I do not empathize with the person who makes outlandish comments, who attacks, chastises and try to convince me they are smarter than I am. I relate to the reader who has never made a comment, who is listening, trying to understand. When an issue becomes confusing, they start dwelling on the issue, they want to explore the thoughts. They feel, but they are not compelled to comment, they for sure have the good manners to not attack me, even though they feel attacked.
(I do not attack one person, I attack ideas.)

These are the good people, the voiceless, quiet, meek and wonderful people of the planet who listen more than they talk. I springboard my missives off the minds of those people who
“Already know.”

To talk to the people who are listening, they are not trying to plan their response, they are listening. I have two or three people who comment who do know, if this minority became 50, I would be a lucky man.

Hate mail is my reward for exceptional writing, I am not sure how to classify trolls or provokers, I think we can call that the “terrible twos.” I am still trying to understand the motivations of a reader who wishes to prove to me they are smarter than me, this is weird, however the basic primitive emotions. Mockery is the most primitive type of behavior I have experienced in Africa, Amazon and Philippines.

Well, thanks for reading, a person does slowly understand this art form, I know how to elicit anger, I hope to one day target all the emotions equally.

Shoot the Messenger a Writer


I do not argue with God, and for sure I only pay attention to the good God.

I immediately finished this post, then went to moderate a new comment, it was made on this post.

Ironic coincidence is the only proof of God. Then again to search for proof is the absence of faith.


I do not argue with God, and for sure I only pay attention to the good God.

I immediately finished this post, then went to moderate a new comment, it was made on this post.

Ironic coincidence is the only proof of God. Then again to search for proof is the absence of faith.


Good Post Andy, It's true what you say but we can't allow those who HATE us to effect what we like to do and will continue doing long after their poisonous attitudes infect their own lives. We LOVE what we do so DO AS WE FEEL and our helpful intentions are rewarded with unbelievable good Karma in various aspects of our lives. Like you mentioned before how many people can prosper from such a blog, one out of 10,000. How many guys in S.E. Asia came from Blue Collar family backgrounds, hooked with an attractive local woman who's educated and financially independent ( self made ) and prospered?? Also maybe one of out 10,000. ( or more ). Like Howard Stern says the listeners who HATE him listen 2 to 3 times longer than his fans who love him and the way he makes people laugh at the worst time of their day, on the way to work. I rarely agree with O'Reilly and I often disagree with you but respect both of you enjoy the input.



This entry is right on. Not everything that is written should be intended to make everyone happy. No, I do not think this is the goal of writing. Rather, writing should make people feel the entire spectrum of emotions, as you say above. I feel that all too often people only expose themselves to writing, people, ideas that they agree with. This has the tendency to make them expect everyone to agree with them . . . and when they are finally exposed to a difference of opinion they become frustrated -- their idealistic bubble has been broken, their view of the world challenged.

This is good. This is what good writing should do. It is pointless to read something that just serves to reinforce a person's already established status quo. This does not make a person grow or learn more. to constantly build up your own ideas with that which you agree with is the equivilent of building yourself into a small cage -- there is no room for growth.

When people write you hate mail it is my impression that you hit them hard deep down. You ruptured a little hole in their cage of idealism. You made them think, feel, grow a little.

Good. They should thank you. When they lash out at you with hate mail, perhaps they are just trying to repay you the favor haha.

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