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Sexy Ghana Girl with a Chicken

Have you ever seen a beautiful girl with a chicken, there is something very novel here. I took a van called a Tro Tro back to Ho, truly, Ghana has been a transportation pleasure after Togo.

This Sexy Ghana girl had a chicken in a plastic bag, what a line, I mean, how often does a man meet a girl with a chicken.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, December 11, 2010


She did not speak enough English to talk, so I took photos.

There are more photos of her in the photos of Ghana section.
Ghana Girl

This is typical landscape in most of Africa I have visited, plenty of ground vegetation with these large loner trees. If you looked at a map you would see that traveling by Tro Tro along ridge of some smaller mountains or hill, I would estimate about 1500 meters, just minor mountains.

The best reason to drive a car would be to take photos along side the road. This photo was taken from the window of the van, and only when I was lucky enough to have the roadside grass not obstructing the view. While I can experience and enjoy the view, the grass causes a lot of problem, a large bus is better for photos.

Suspension Bridge over Volta River in Ghana.

This is a good photo to cut a photo out of, the modern photographers almost never show a photo as they took them, they doctor them in Photoshop, I almost never do so unless there is a great reason.

I put this in and cut the photo out of the 3648 x 2736 original pixel photo. I now have a photo Blog on where I will write about these photography ideas. We have also just completed a complete photo system, where I publish the full size photos continuously and then can sell them in real time.
Photography Blog

This photo and the sexy Ghana girl photo above are the type of photos I enjoy taking, in these photos I am attempting to explain the feelings I experienced, they are often complex and confusing, life is not just a tourist attraction, it is interactive.

The older women staring and begging us to buy.

The younger girl was actually hiding from the camera, this to me was a beautiful, young, coy, Ghana girl at here youthful age, where energy is still alive and full of passion.

When I write, I tend to want to warn people of the possible traumas along the path, I am fully aware the types of stresses I can handle in stride would make people run for the Five Star Hotel or go home. Therefore, I lean towards explaining the negatives. However, the my reality is much more playful, the sexy girl knew I was focusing on her, she did not try stuff herself into the dress. This photo reminded me of Sosua, Dominican Republic where this was the standard way of dress for the working girls that populate the city.

This is not a working girl, please do not put words into my mouth, although she looks like the Dominican Republic girl, she is just a simple Ghana girl with a chicken, Maybe with a second hand dress that just does not fit quite the way it was intended, too much to pack inside. It was not a problem; it was part of my daily Ghana feelings.

Sexy Ghana Girl with a Chicken


What is the food on a stick that she is selling?


I do not know what was on the stick, however, there was the Volta River right behind these girls and I suspect some type of fish. When a Tro Tro stops it is often just the time it takes for one passenger to leave, many things can happen quickly in the deluge of people.


When a van stops to allow riders to deboard, the local vendors have a chance to sell what is local to the area. Riders inside the van are probably richer, and because they or we are bored, they are ready to purchase. Sort of like being in an Airport, everyone is bored, therefore they buy.

Well, the woman wants to get eye contact, she wants to see if she can pitch her product to someone inside. They alternate between looking at our eyes, or showing what they have, back and forth. That pretty girl with the box and kebab things was in the process of showing her product, while the old lady was in the process of trying to look at our eyes.

Africa is simple and real, the people look right at you, they are not afraid to look me in the eyes and see what I am about. This can make a person feel vulnerable, once in a while they even get verbal.
"You have hair on your legs like a monkey."
"Your nose is pointed."
"Are you poor, you are not fat."

This is why it is important to see the sexy Ghana girl and try to get in touch with simplicity. Girls are for men, and men are for women, we are always in some stage of courtship, and love is good, not a bad thing.

We dress to attract the opposite sex, she is proud she is beautiful, but the chicken thing was hilarious. The girl was like a statue in Rome, she is simply a beautiful person, not complicated or confusing.

The older woman was intent, she wanted to earn money today, often this type of simple desire, I am working, I want you to give me money for something I need to sell causes Western people to be afraid. We are afraid of Car Salesman, this woman is not being secretive, she is wanting the people to buy.

Fun stuff, and rush to the senses, I never feel more alive than when I am in Africa, and sometimes I must run aways, I need to stop feeling.