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Sex Tourism for Males

2006-07-07 21:40:00

Sex Tourism
I was talking by with a friend and I explained an observation.
I said,
- Where there are sex tourist, my ability to do business is better. -
A male sex tourist is normally over 40, has extra cash, is more likely to carry a laptop. They have the money to pay for the toys. The Internet is the new way for these persons to try to find or communicate with people.
I was told,
- Never trust a girl that chats-
I was also told,
- Never trust a girl that has heels higher than 5 inches. -
I chat only with long-term friends, very seldom with them.
The bottom line though is the sex tourist are in the chat rooms, on the Internet, they learn all the toys and ways of communication with people in other countries. Plus they want to live cheap, travel cheaper, and often carry a laptop.
I pay attention because where they are staying or compelled go go often means, I can live cheap and use the Internet easy. Sadly or accurately their network is more extensive than the normal traveler and sometime more gut level honest
For Example:
I was searching for information on Visas in Africa. I had learned about a thing called,
- Visa Entente -
It is a visa that allows me enter 5 countries
I did a search in for
- "visa entente" Ghana -
To quote: XXL
- Togo-Benin-Côte d'Ivoire and Niger now have a visa agreement (visa "Entente"). A visa for any one of those countries is valid for the other three.-
This is on this page:
This type of traveler seems compelled to explain to others better, simple, and in a high tech way how to visit another country. The go in search of exotic or primitive. They are better connected, quicker to reply and more adult often than the Lonely Planet Thorntree bunch, more or less children without the money to travel.
Sex Tourism

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