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Seven Things we Observe Travel Tip

It is not the seven things we observed that causes the problems, it the 100 other things we did not that makes life dangerous.

I read a missive from Seth Godin the other day called,
“The Magic Rule of Seven.”

“Human being have no trouble keeping seven ideas in their head…”
Seth Godin

We can juggle seven ideas, without a problem. Where there are more, we have trouble. Seth is too politically correct, a feels good type of person. You know the type, the ones who want to say we are created equal.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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I have been concerned about SEVEN for a few days. I keep dwelling on this number, if you can juggle seven things in your head, what happens when you need to juggle 8, 10, 20? Seth says the “Magic of Seven,” truly he is jesting, some people have problems with two, while I am sure the President of the USA needs to juggle about 100 ideas.

Why am I concerned, what happens is this, suppose I am a person that can juggle say 30, and because I can juggle 30, I am safe in Haiti. While the average person can only juggle seven, which means advice I give could endanger a number SEVEN juggler.

A Test is Needed

I meet many people with great intentions, the Non Governmental Organization type people, United Nations, Doctors, and Missionaries. 99 percent are walking around with an escort, a local who helps they survive in countries like Haiti or Africa. I have locals ask me daily, where is your helper? They assume I have somebody who helps me to travel in Haiti, I understand why; they seldom meet a person without this “Helper.”

I say, “I do not need a helper, they do.” However, I know they cannot be culturally immersed, because the culture is edited.

A Test is Needed

The more we live in a country, the less ideas we need to juggle to walk down the street, our subconscious manages the majority and we can stay the course.

I would like to test people; I want to know how many ideas a tested person can juggle in their head. I hope the US military has this type of test; it would seem negligent if they did not. Remember Jason Bourne, in the movie when he told the girl everything that was happening in the room. This is the skill set needed; this is the situational awareness that must be taught, to be a successful traveler.

Because I know some of you around me, only observed SEVEN things, I am a little worried about you.
Seven Things we Observe Travel Tip