Seven Reasons you will Never Travel the World

I am trying to cause trouble today; I want to provoke you to think. I am conspiring to start a conspiracy theory.

OK, here goes.

Utility Bills Conspiracy by USA Government
The United States Government uses utility bill to control people. The government knows if they can keep people paying their:

1. Cable
2. Electric
3. Gas
4. Telephone
5. Cell Phone
6. Internet
7. Water

BILLS --- the economy of the USA will thrive.

I stopped at seven, I am sure most of you have more payment, and doesn’t this all seem a little crazy?

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Seven Reasons you will never Travel
I paid my 250 dollars per month rent, all utilities paid to live here in a great room, next to the beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic. The above list is the for sure a way to chain you to your home, family and keep you living the American Dream, I tend to think of it as a nightmare.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid
People think I am a bum, a.k.a. Hobo, but in reality, I just unhooked myself from the umbilical cord called the American way.

I one day said No, enough is enough.

Plan you escape, you will never figure it all out, you can only escape…

Seven Reasons you will Never Travel the World


Hook up sincere people who wish to relocate (the great majority wish to retire, relocate or invest abroad, not travel teh world as a perpetual tourist,) with good, honest persons who have made the transition, I have been a mentor for newbies, until they were able to get on their feet and and walk the walk, such as developing common sense, good intuition and learning the local language, if not English, the great majority of those now residing in USA will never relocate, many do not desire to, period.

John Tadpole

Andy, forgot my password and had to do this again. I miss you Hobo on the ground in Africa but very happy to see you in the west indies again. I have never been to DR and I am enjoying your view. Thanks, John


Obama's mama was an American citizen.. period. The child of a citizen is also a citizen wherever they are born and whomever is the father. His location at birth is a moot point.


I totally agree. Life in this country sucks. There are just way too many greedy A-holes out there who get everything, while the rest of us have to live like slaves to their greed. And look at what they did with the banking system. They perverted it, milked it, then walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars, causing the worst recession society has ever seen, and this scumbag government hasn't done a thing about these bastards. Now the rest of us are all dealing with the consequences, and they still aren't doing a damn thing to properly repair the economy. Instead they said, "Oh gee, let's take billions of tax dollars and bail out the very banks and companies that caused this nightmare. Yeah, let's do that." Stupid pricks. I hate this country, I hate the greedy scum who run it, and I hate this separatist government. I'm sick of their lies. "Land of opportunity?" Not any longer! "The Pursuit of Happiness??" None to be found! If you aren't born into a rich family in this country, the chances of you living the good life are about nil. Instead you wind up working for THEM, all your life, in some damn cubicle making them even richer. Screw that, and screw them too.


I am trying to say, just stop having consumer debt and you will realize freedom, it is simple.


Yeah I'm aware of that Andy. Life still sucks here though!!! lol


Plus you can't just "stop having consumer debt." I mean, you HAVE to pay your electric bill, phone, gas, water, whatever, otherwise they shut them off. It's easy to say what you're saying from where you don't have to pay all those extra things like we do here. Imagine what it would be like here, living without a phone. Or electricity, or not paying the oil bill in Winter. C'mon.....we're stuck with those things, whether we like it or not. The only way to get away from them is to manage to save up enough cash, then get the hell out of here.


Working the system is kind of a full-time job for some people who don't work. There are free heating oil programs, section 8 housing, food stamps, food banks and kitchens, unemployment, paid job training, medicaid, 911 service, libraries for Internet access, and the list goes on. I prefer the Japanese/Asian philosophy--"Don't work. Don't eat.
Only the most desperately poor w/o families qualify. The winner of our local." Why it is Great to be an American,"cited Medicaid, foodstamps, WIC, free schools, as a great reason to want to be an American. Both parents immigrants. Go figure. That is why it is important to find a place where you don't pay for these goodies to these parasites. Unfortunately, people in mid-American are paying for these entitlements. America proper "the 50 states" can not prosper with this kind of aim from many immigrants.


BTW I know people who live on the beaches and tropical mountains of the U.S. for dollars a day. They live in more or less safe tents or tent cities w/neighbors who watch each other's back. In FL, HI, lots of folks are living very basic lives, many with high levels of happiness and satisfaction. Quite a few surf, and shower/groom at the beach's public facilities. They might work a few hours a day "under the table." Or have regular jobs, and just bank it. There used to be a nurse I was friends with who made $4000/mo. 20-25 years ago living in a tent on a mountainside overlooking Honolulu. Living 8 months/year high on the hog in Thailand.

Squatting in London, Amsterdam, saves thousands of dollars a month for people to tour with. This doesnt work well for people who have alot of stuff, but it is amazing how many people live out of their storage lockers in HI because rents are so expensive, and people find substitutes in the market place for goods others deem essential.

You don't know what you can do, until you live it!


Millions of African Americans born in the South right here in the good ole USA were never issued birth certificates for many years because they were not considered human beings. My father had no real documentation of his birth and had to go to the court as a witness and tell them he was there when his sister was born in order to get her a Birth Certificate and Passport. The government is caught in its own racist snare on many issues.


I'm surprised you allowed that subtle threat comment and didn't delete or reject such negative/ political BS. as you said escape from one's situation, hometown or country IS SIMPLE LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS, save money which allows you the freedom to choose your own destiny.

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