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SENIOR BACHELOR on Oprah Winfrey

2005-04-29 06:15:00

My friend Richard Roe, the person I met in Thailand was on Oprah Winfrey a couple of days ago. I am hoping I spelled the name Oprah Winfrey correct, as I have never seen a name with so many ways to spell, not a normal name, I wonder if it is here real name?

I have looked at his website a few times, and the photos are not good of him, making him look too SENIOR… hehehe.

I think the guy really looks like some type of California Movie Star. Take a look at this page, the photos are better, what do you think, does he look like a movie star?

My mother taped the show so I can see it when I stop in Indiana.



Well, Richard was on the show, because he had a link on his page to my site and this and a few search pages I made to help point to his site made my page jump maybe 7000 visitors on Wednesday, the 27th. The boys at Relio.com my hosting company for HoboTraveler.com held the task and HoboTraveler.com stayed solid and serving pages great.

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