Sciatica is a Doomsday Diagnose

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Sciatica is a Doomsday Diagnose
My Sciatica, this shooting pain down my left leg will go away, I am 99 percent sure I can put it into stagnation mode or remission or minimize until what is left is just annoyance.

However, I must admit, if the average person has this, they are DOOMED to pain.

You are DOOMED to pain if you have this type of problem.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love absolute comments, I love stereotypes, I love generalizations, and they are the best way in the world to turn the switch on in the human brain.

I say and all or nothing comment.
“If you have sciatica you are doomed to pain.”
There is true brilliance in comments like this, when President Bush said, either you are with us or against us he made people angry, he sacrifice the love of people to make them think…

Well, all you jerks out there with Sciatica or maybe Piriformis Syndrome must have a 1 in 500 chance of sustainable pain relief; this means 499 percent of you still have pain in your leg.

Sciatica Read on
Piriformis Syndrom on

The hope is you can die and make it go away sooner.

Why are you doomed?

Wow, after reading and studying, truly applying my brain, the diagnose of this problems is almost worthless. If you have a shooting pain down one leg or the other, you need to start stretching and exercising. Read, study etc. Sciatica

This is why you are doomed. My guesstimate is this, of the persons who actually enter a gym to exercise, only about 1 in 500 stay with it. Sciatica is a life long problem, I have a disk in my spinal column that is out of place, and I can do movements that can help to realign them. The is the problem, I must be motivated to fix the problem, not to just stop the pain,

They were going to give me Ultrasound Therapy at the Lorma Medical Center here in San Fernando, La Union Philippines.
Ultrasound Therapy on

I thought to myself,
“Gee, this would feel good, the pain would subside.”

Oops, I am not going to do that, I would forget to work on the solutions. It is possible that I can do this to my cyst or nodule and if it is a nerve bundle, it can stun it into stopping for a month or two. However, the essential problem is still here.

Well, if you are the 1 in 500 hundred that joins a gym and truly exercises everyday, then there is hope. I suppose Yoga would help, about the same, this is about focusing on my body.

All exercise programs need to be done daily, nothing less works.

I have not exercised in 11 years inside a gym, I suppose I will somehow start, get ready to read how I search for health clubs, this will annoy you who feel guilty to no end.

Motivating Yourself
To learn how to motivate yourself is an intriguing problem, and I very few people can work for themselves. They just cannot motivate themselves to do the right thing.

My Exercise Strategy in USA
I did not go to the gym to exercise; I went to the gym to look at girls, talk with girls and to have happy hour. I was there, nothing else to do with my brain, so I worked out. Now, I never wanted to bulk out or get huge muscles, I wanted to sculpture my body so that I looked like Brad Pitt in that movie Troy.

Brad Pitt in Movie Troy

Not sure of his name, but this guy has Deltoids and Lat muscles that I want. The motivation is like this, if I have muscles like this, I will love myself, and if I love myself, I can be loved by others. Do not listen to that crap about being a good person inside, it is the packaging that sells cereal, the bonus is you then have the energy to be good person.

Learning the triggers that motivate you will allow you to be the 1 in 500 who solves sciatica problem.

Philippines Pay for Motivation Strategy
Note, if I was a millionaire, or could afford about 50 dollars per day. I would pay a driver here in the Philippines to pick me up daily, take me in an Air Conditioned car to the Lorma Therapy department. I would pay Ms. or Doctor Acacio by the hour to keep me motivated. I would pay to have a trainer help me stay motivate. You can actually buy motivation, look at Oprah Winfrey, here is a women with almost zero willpower to stop eating and probably a genetically caused problem to gain weight. She sometimes gets skinny, for the average person without bad genetics; I think they could pay a Philippine Trainer or Therapist here to hold your hand.

Not that easy, but possible, however in this bargain, people get what they really want, not what the need.

My collection of videos and information on how to stop sciatica or piriformis syndrome, not much difference, the implemented solutions are about the same.

Oops, lose weight first; this is the first step to giving your bones a chance to be in structural balance.

I am not good at winning friends or influencing people, go read a good book, “How to win friends and influence people.” This is NOT what I am good at.
Look under Books

Sciatica is a Doomsday Diagnose

Andy Says

:Note, if I was a millionaire, or could afford about 50 dollars per day. I would pay a driver here in the Philippines to pick me up daily, take me in an Air Conditioned car to the Lorma Therapy department. I would pay Ms. or Doctor Acacio by the hour to keep me motivated:

...... It would take you 400 years to spend $ 50 a day 365 days a year on a driver and Dr. Motivado

That is if you keep $$ it in the basement with no interest. With the simplest of interest say 2.5 in Swiss treasury bills you simple could not spend it. You would earn$ 25,000 profit - 18,250 on Dr. Motivato and Mario Tuk-Tuk driver with a net increase of $ 6,750 per year + 2.5 on top of it

maybe if you tipped the towel boy 5 peso's a day you could make a dent in in it ? :)

Piriformis syndrome

In 15 of the population, the sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle rather than beneath it. When the muscle shortens or spasms due to trauma or overuse, it can compress or strangle the sciatic nerve beneath the muscle. Conditions of this type are generally referred to as entrapment neuropathies in the particular case of sciatica and the piriformis muscle, this condition is known as piriformis syndrome. It has colloquially been referred to as "wallet sciatica" since a wallet carried in a rear hip pocket will compress the muscles of the buttocks and sciatic nerve when the bearer sits down. Piriformis syndrome may be the major cause of sciatica when the nerve root is normal. t [3] [4]

From WIKI......

Andy, You do travel a lot and build up your 50+ year old gluteus maximus more than most others your age and that wallet is getting fatter do to your travels. Tip more, hire a porter. Problem Solved.

Dr W0W


Dr Acacio cost about 10 dollars for 15 minutes, I want to hire her for a physical therapist for the whole hour and get rid of the flunkies. This is an education problem and we need the same teacher with above average brain.

English spoken by the people giving the therapy is sub-standard and annoying.

Note, Chuck ... please explain the insiders term "Cheap Charlie."
I truly do not know.

I think I want to be a Cheap Charlie, I call myself a Hobo, I want the thieves to rob you big spender and leave me alone. Plus the truly nice people are nice to cheap people.

I will continue tipping 5 pesos and continue not tipping outside the VFW.

I never tip, nobody on planet tips, just the first world, and this is so they do not have pay their help.


Does that truly work in the Philippines. I tip just because they brought the food and remembered. Same Same but different.

Cheap rooms are only found by walking around, the Lonely Planet is evolving to be the next Frommers and being purchased by BBC guarantees it.

Flashpackers are dominating my world, please leave.

# Andy said on Tuesday August 25th, 2009 11:50:58 PM

Note, Chuck ... please explain the insiders term "Cheap Charlie."
I truly do not know.

It is mainly a American problem. Problem is in America laws are made to exploit the ones they can. $$2.38-$3.00 an hour cents a hour for tipped jobs IN USA ! IS still a lot more than Phils or anywhere in SE Asia but rent and bills are much more to pay in USA

Waitresses,waiteres, bartenders, limo drivers,taxi drivers,bellmen and such depend on tips in USA. If it where not for tips it would not be worth working. IN USA that is.

Most other countries pay reasonable wages for this service and tips are generally for outstanding service.

Once you announce your from the USA in a foreign country to whomever may be helping you they assume they are going to get tipped. Best to say your from Israel so you get what you want and no BS. Plus a tip will be doubley appricaited.

PS do not use this tip in middle east

Hence you announce your from USA so are your a rich American they think ? or Cheap Charlie ? like most of the world ? probable someone else can explain better but this is my sentiment.


We follow the accepted norms of the country we are traveling in so tip 15 + at our recent trip in Hawaii or California. But in Asia tipping is NOT recognized so we just give some spare change( P7 to P43 ) unless the extremely unusual thing happens when we get an unusually competent waiter / waitress ( one chance out of 100 ) then we give P50 to P100. And we tip only because we want to reward the indidual Filipina(o)'s work ethic and know it's TOUGH to make a living here in the Philippines for employees. Sometimes stinginess is rewarded, sometimes stinginess is punished and who knows why? Guess that's where the saying that goes something like, "penny wise dollar dumb ( foolish ) comes from, eh?

Anyone in pain will tend to make decisions which are not always the wisest and adopt grumpy, more critical than usual attitudes, such is being human.