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Saying Goodbye to Siaya Kenya Friends

2009-04-27 21:14:58

Saying Goodbye to Siaya Kenya Friends
I have made some great friends in Siaya, Kenya. I have become a regular at a few places, and people even say my name “Andy” sometimes and do not call me “Musugo” or “White Man.”

Where is the epicenter of good conversations in Siaya, Kenya?

I think I would recommend you find the small restaurant owned by Charles, that has the back connected to the Bakery. This is located just below the Siaya Centre Hotel and a few steps around the corner towards the Market.

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

Siaya Centre is the only restaurant with any hope in the city, however truly is just a Bar, so after you eat go below and talk with “Sir Charles.” If you are lucky they will invite you into the back of the Bakery.

This is Feeby and Hudi or something, and I do not know the man with the Hat, this was my first invitation into the back of the Bakery.

There is the front of life and there is the backside of life, if we are persistent in our “proof of friendship,” we will be invited into the lives of the people we meet, we will be invited into the back of the restaurant.

Proof of Friendship

I just made this up, however I know somewhere in the phrase there is a glimmer of understanding. I entered the Bakery about 10-15 times in the few days I was in Siaya, I consistently said Hello, I consistently proved that I was a friendly guy. I consistently gave my “proof of friendship.”

There is a truly wonderful girl by the name of Judy that works in the Bakery, married, a little chubby, two children, and loves to be told her hair is beautiful. She is my friend, she is cynical and took my photo with her cell phone the other day.

The secret to proof of friendship is finding excuses to visit, stopping into a restaurant when you are not hungry.

Hmm, I just remembered the name of the Bakery, the true name of the Bakery is the “Nameless Bakery.” I do not think there is a sign, however truly a good place, please say Hello to Judy and Sir Charles in the small restaurant around the corner that is connected.

If you need a reason to talk to a person, they are not your friend.

Saying Goodbye to Siaya Kenya Friends