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Saudi Employment for Filipinos

2009-07-06 01:01:16

Saudi Employment for Filipinos
I met a girl by the name of Aya who is applying for a nurses jobs in Saudi Arabia. Many Philippines people work overseas, and in the Malate area of Manila there are many Employment Agencies with lines of people making applications.

Manila, Philippines
Malate Area
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Monday, July 6, 2009


Aya is a nurse, not a caregiver, she is 21 and will be 22 in a month or two, she is staying with family here in Manila. She wants to find an employment agency that specializes in Nurses, maybe in Saudi Arabia.

I walked into a Mini Mart, expecting to find a Nescafe Ice Coffee and found a Chill instead. There was no solo seats left, so I ask her if I could sit down at her table, my back is killing me, this sciatic nerve problem works against my travels.

Aya appears naïve, never had a paying job, and said she worked in a Hospital for six months with no pay. She said,
“I need to earn money for my family.”

However, she also said,
“Saudi pays nothing, only about 14,000 Peso per month.”

I am not going to explain in great detail; however it always makes me nervous when a girl from the provinces of the Philippines shows up in Manila. There are many unsavory businesses here in Manila that are looking for genuine, young and silly girls. I was in the Mini Mart just across from the large new entrance to Robinsons Mall; I was on my way to the ATM machine inside the mall.

This area is permeated with people up to no good, in a way I was trying to encourage her to go back to the provinces.

This work overseas is something close to indentured servants, often employers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Dubai and other countries will employ a person from the Philippines. I think for the men this is generally good work; however for the women it can be a situation where their employer puts them in between a rock and a hard place.

There were or are many Philippines men working in Iraq setting up tents for the soldiers, I am not sure I agree with this, but it is an “America Way.”

The employer holds the girl, their job, their visa, the money the girl is sending back to their family under their control. This type of control is abused by these employers in these countries.

Pretty much, put out, or we make your life miserable.

She was a genuinely nice girl, fun to talk with; however, I could not get her to stop calling me “Sir.”
“Hello Sir,”
“Thank you Sir.”
“How are you Sir?”

There is a culture of saying “Sir” here in the Philippines, that is truly enjoyable after spending a month in Thailand where ignoring is the current fashion or trend.

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Saudi Employment for Filipinos