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Santiago Cuba Immigration

All passengers debarked the plane in Santiago, Cuba. Went to the baggage carousal and retrieve their bags. All foreigners were taken into an area where dogs sniffed the bags, and some bags were open and completely checked.

Havana Habana Cuba Friday, December 4, 2009
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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The immigration officer completed a checklist of questions:

1. Name of Hotel with address.
2. Cost of Ticket
3. Where you purchased the Ticket, it would be good if you have a business card of the Travel Agency.
4. One American citizen was asked four times, why she did not fly directly from Miami. I talked with her later; she just kept saying she could not.
5. Money, a person had to show money. I showed 600 Euros to the immigration officer. I do not believe Dollars are acceptable.
6. A dog was brought in to smell the bags.

My bag was not searched, and either was the carry on. An Algerian friend had some cookies in his bag; this caused the dog to repeatedly come to his bag. I had some ground coffee in my bag; the dog did not seem to care.

The Algerian passenger had many stamps on his passport, the immigration officials looked at every page, and every stamp slowly. He worked for a telecommunications company in Haiti, and was coming to Cuba to meet his wife and parents. While USA citizens do not consider Cuba as a destination, to the rest of the world, it is just another Caribbean country.

Santiago Cuba Immigration