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SAFARI Morocco to Egypt by land

I have discovered my problem with finding information about how to travel from Morocco to Egypt by land, I am using or calling this the wrong name, and it should be called a Safari. Since I am in Africa, the word should change from backpacking to Safari, I would call it a Trek, but they always associate this with walking, and backpacking with mountains, so there is lots of word confusion.






In the end… The only correct word is TOURIST.

That will put a craw in some peoples necks, if I called their very expensive too rich for my blood Safari a Tourist Tour, and they paid thousands of dollars to get that word Adventure connected to their sitting around the campfire tourist tour. No fuss, no work, pay a lot of money and go tour…

Nevertheless, my research goes better on the internet when I use the Africa word SAFARI

I was told one time the word Safari is for those people that want to see Animals and ignore the people in the countries, so they go on Safari, and tourist may visit people, but I would assume as normal neither visit the people, they go to see building and animals and walk in the woods a.k.a. Jungle and try their best to avoid people unless the girls or boys are bonking with them. But to see the culture and mix, mingle, and do more than feel rich by buying trinkets made in China and sold everywhere in the world is not culture. However, they paid a lot of money so they call it Safari. I do want to see a Hippo, I am on number 4 Camel in my life, that was not trained to walk, and was really being used. I saw two pulling a plow along the road from Marrakech to Essaouirra.


I am slicing and dicing this issue to death.



Entry Stamp

All I want to know on each country is…

1. ! Do I get the visa at the border or apply at the embassy before I leave Morocco?

2. Does Marrakech have consulates or do I need to return to Casablanca, or even worse to the Europe… !?

My worksheet pages I have made:

Map of trip

USA Visa Requirements


Places on my site where I am bopping and booming adding and sub-categorizing information so eventually I can clearly explain how to move from country to country. I am very grateful I am from the USA or this visa crap could take years instead of months. Every country has a different requirement or visa according to the country, this means countries like Ecuador and Thailand have a very difficult time traveling, and if you are from Colombia they search your bag twice, and if you are from Iran, they check for bombs, and they should do all of this on a regular basis. Thank you, me they just check my wallet, see if Benjamin Franklin is there and dead president photos.

Visa or Entry Stamp

Border Cities NEW




14 Dirhams or about one Dollar 40 cents for a Kilo of Olive, I was thinking Olives were heavy, and then decided to go for the one-half kilo. However, trust me it is not possible to eat one-half kilo of olives in a single sitting, or snack, as was my case. Olives and bread are some cheap foods of Morocco, the chicken I believe is expensive, but I am the tourist central of Essaouira, so who knows what is normal.

They do the chicken a little different here in the market, the chicken are life and you choose a chicken, they kill it, I assume scald the feather, then put in a machine the takes the feathers off. Normal chicken in market is already to go, and not that fresh.

Bread cost about 10 cents USA for a baguette like piece or a round type, with some type of heavy flour on the outside, the baguette long pieces are a lot better than the European type as they have more or a crusty flavor and less of that white bread taste. However, there are about four types of bread while Europe would have many, but of course at 10 times the cost. There are a bunch of sweet type breads, but closer to cookies, and do not tempt me so I have stayed away.

Eating here is a problem, unless I want to go sit down and be a tourist.