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Rwanda Verizon Global Data Connection

Rwanda Verizon Global Data Connection
I am using a BlackBerry Storm here in Rwanda to publish articles to the Travel Journal. I am flabbergasted; this Verizon Global Data Connection has allowed me to seamless post articles now in three East African Countries.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

I am able to travel from country to country without searching for an internet connection. I am able to completely bypass the large chaotic cities here in Africa and live anywhere in the country there is cell phone connection. What a relief to not have to search for an internet connection, the data connection is slow, strange, and tricky to use, but it gets the job done.

This is similar to old tricky to use dial up connection from 10 years ago.

Butare, Rwanda
East Africa
Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a photo of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm; I am trying to show you the Manage Connection Icon.

This Icon becomes of extreme importance the minute you leave the USA, I must sometimes adjust connection. Here in Rwanda I needed to choose R Cell even thought it said emergency calls only.

I have already made up my mind, I will only visit countries that have the Data Connection service activated, and fortunately, this is roughly 170 plus countries. I have visited 83, so there are many more to visit. According to my interpretation of country there are 252 countries, I think they will roll out the rest in the next five years.

I will enter the country of Burundi in the next couple of days; I am going to bypass the capital if possible. In the past I always visited the major cities of countries to guarantee I had a few days of the best connection possible in the country, now I am skipping them.

Rwanda Verizon Global Data Connection


Moi yoi are truly a sick f+ck.
You just wrote yesterday to be unsubscibed.
Get a life you troll.

I am not paid by Verizon or BlackBery.

Empathy, somebody is trying right to make a decision on wether to carry a computer to blog.

I truly love the data connection. The keyboard of the Storm sucks, but again empathy. I can not compare this phone to other brands.

I do not see other smartphones.

This is the future, get with the program or be left behind.

Two years from now all travelers will be using a global data connection.

I will enter Burundi today, maybe to the east toward Tanzania is dangerous. I will blog everyday, explain the on the ground situation.

I have been in Africa five times, before I went weeks before I posted.
I got food poisoning in Niger, I was delusion. My mother, techie Indiq and girlfriend were scared.

Where is Andy?

My techie from India tried to get me to promise to never return to Africa.

Some Mother of Father is sitting waiting for their child to call or write an email.

This BlackBerry data connection is the solution.
I am lying in bed, 5:30 am, I can communicate withe the world.
Sit on your computer a be a troll, get a life. Making comments just proves you read every word I write.
Andy on the way to Burundi, Africa


You tell em, Andy!