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Russian Economist Predicts USA Ends

2009-09-02 17:15:23

Russian Economist Predicts USA Ends
A Russian Professor by the name of Igor Panarin predicted TEN YEARS AGO the USA would split up in July of 2010.

“Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces -- with Alaska reverting to Russian control.”
- Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal article on prediction by Igor Panarin

Wiki on Igor Panarin
2010 Prediction on Wik

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 3, 2009
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I was sitting in the VFW here in Bauang, Philippines, eating my two eggs and wheat toast for 55 Pesos when I noticed the spin article in the Philippines Star Newspaper. In this article, as is normal, I was not able to surmise it was old news, just repeated as if became new news.

This prediction in my opinion is:

1. Hokey and crapola because he predicted the month, July 2010, this destroys the overall credibility of the man.

2. Generally a good warning.

My prediction are this; there will be a steady throbbing, spastic type decline of the USA economy over the next 20-50 years. There will be intermittent times of prosperity, followed by steady diluting of the countries wealth. Sectors of the economy will go into depression, while others will come out of recession and thrive, however slowly they wil fail to thrive because their failure to think globally.

Now, that above prediction means little, too general, but like a vein of blood, the life of the USA will squirt slowly down until it bleeds out and the USA economy becomes the same as the underdeveloped world. More or less, we will have the same purchasing power ability as 80 percent of the world called the developing world, which is really the normal world.

The USA economy will be the same as the rest of the world as the global economies become homogenized.

This is happening in England as we speak, there are becoming fewer reasons quickly to go there for jobs, and the immigration by Eastern Europe to England has diluted the countries prosperity. Ireland, the Celtic Lion has become the country now where dreams are squashed. Trendy economies are just that a trend, the same thing happened in the USA in Dallas and Houston right after I left University in 80’s.

There is no solution, it is just the USA and Europe rising and falling in the history of the world.

What I look for around the planet is specific location where my purchasing power is optimal, while the moral turpitude is acceptable.

I personally plan to spend the rest of my life drifting between cultures; somehow, soon I will add the USA culture back into my melting pot. I will come to terms with my Tax situation and return to the USA for 2-3 months per year. I presently can earn up to 80,000 dollars and not pay taxes in the USA providing I am not in the country more than 30 days. When I go over 80,000 this will change, and I will be able to return to the USA, I expect that in the next year or two.

Nevertheless, I can drift between Asian, Africa, Latino, American and if I feel really rich European. The least amount of value for money is in Europe as the cost of living there is 2-3 times higher than the USA.

Fun stuff and poignant, however for the person who has been a good old boy, worked in a factory, went to war for his or her country and just followed the mass of people, this could be miserable.

Both my parents fit into this stereotype; they got jobs in Factories, one social level above the Farm. However, both of their factories went out of business when they were about 60 years old. They were lucky to have their retirements. However, the Union did not negotiate or guaranteed the money was in trust; therefore, they are slowly losing what they worked their whole life for.

Change is normal; staying the same is not possible,

People who lost large sums of money in this economic recession were never smart in the first place.

What does this have to do with Travel? Well, I travel the planet, getting a global view of the world economies, do you seriously expect me to be so stupid I never look around at the culture of economics. It is the same as looking a people cooking peanuts over charcoal, you just do not like me looking at you, dredging around in your mind, I am suppose to keep my eyes on the poor people.

I can point at poor people and you enjoy it, I am sure you do not enjoy it when I point at you being just as stupid and silly rich people. We all live our live as people with delusion of adequacy, however you are becoming poor faster, time to use your brain.

As a writer, put your zingers at the bottom, the majority of your readers will not make it that far, the abilty to concentrate...ooops.

Russian Economist Predicts USA Ends