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Rugby Sniffing Glue

Sniffing Glue

Apollo is the name of this glue, Chris and I sent the house cleaner out looking for Rugby Rubber cement, she came back with this Apollo Rubber Cement. It took her all of 3 minutes to find this out in the street.

She ask,
- Are you an addict? -

She seems to assume the worst; however, she understood exactly how to score or borrow some glue to sniff.

I explained I wanted to take some photos. She went searching for Rugby Glue, she came back and said there was no Rugby glue, I do not know. Chris the man I am visiting said the word Rugby to a street kid, and the kid said,
- I no Rugby -

It seems that many of the small children like to sniff glue; they get a glossy eyed look and maybe feel more comfortable sleeping on the concrete in front of the 7-11.

This is Rubber Cement, or seems to be Rubber Cement, the Maid Dai found it just outside the oversized, I am in prison gate that is on this upper end home in Forrest Hills Banawa.

It is like roaming around the nice neighborhoods of Mexico City, there are these extremely beautiful homes to see, however you do not see them, you just see the huge walls or fences in front of them for security.

Barbwire is prevalent.

Rubber cement can be found with no problem.

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Sniffing Glue