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Stripped, modified, and designed to make me money, the RSS feed returns to the Andy Travel Journal. It is not even a snippet, more of a glorified bookmark.

RSS Feed Button, this is an extremely difficult thing to monetize, if the site was 10 times bigger, and I am huge it would be easy.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 30, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I remove it about a year ago, with a lot of frustration and concern. I was especially concerned about Ash, a loyal reader for many years. I do care readers, however many are questions mark…

Well, the RSS feed has returned, but it is NOT the same. It will just provide only a notice that I made some noise; it will not even give you the title. (Google has a work around, truly there is no escaping these scrapers.)

I encourage readers to subscribe by email, this is best for me. This allows you to forward emails to friends, this is called viral marketing.

RSS: Really Simple Syndication

Or Really Simple way to get free content with no need to learn to write.

I was extremely excited when the RSS feed came out, I thought it would drive traffic to my site; instead, it allowed other sites to use my content free, not even a thank you. I have doubled my readership in the time it was gone, it truly is not needed, but I do want readers to have the convenience of monitoring the post. was using at the bottom of their Travel Section; I was told the New York Times has it on the bottom, I never personally spied it. Nonetheless, I could care less about fame, I want money. I am not going to play games; I make this site, to earn money. Why? Because I love to travel and it takes a lot of cash to travel.

Dream about Travel, but be effective, be honest, try to accept that money is necessary in life, and it allows you to find your dreams, it is not the enemy.

RSS Feed Returns to


I have an RSS feed on my blog and I understand how people use it to keep updated, but I don't understand how people use it to steal your content. How exactly does that work?
Thanks in advance for the tip,