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Room Needed in Philippines

Room Needed in Philippines
I need a Free Hotel Room in the Philippines, preferably in one of these three locations.

Manila - Makati - close to Robinsons Mall
Boracay Island

The room must have WIFI Internet inside the room.

Thammasat University
Rangsit Campus,
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Friday, July 3, 2009


I have been thinking about this for the last year, and my present need for money has pushed me through the Hotel (Resort) door. The economic situation has decreased my money by about 30-60 percent and truly hampers plans for Africa trips.

For the first 1-3 years of my 11 years of travels, I offset the cost of traveling by trading a free webpage for a room I am returning to the well.

Today I sat down and wrote letters to Hotels on Boracay Island in the Philippines. I consider this one of the best ways to fund an around world trip and now I am going to prove it. Wade from has already made trades of submission on HoboHideOut maybe 10 times.

I need to Beta Test this system… fine-tune it, remove the problems and simplify, therefore going out and doing it is a good idea for the site and me.. and set up support for wanna be Hoboes to learn how to do this.

I have written this letter to five resorts in Boracay, and will continue to write letters until I close a deal, or I will go knock on doors.


My name is Andy Graham the Travel Writer and owner website. I will be flying from Bangkok, Thailand to the Philippines in the next few days. I have a famous Travel Blog; I have traveled perpetually for over 11 years and visited 85 countries.

National Geographic top 10 Travel Blog Top Five Travel Blog
New York Times

Blog Link:

I am funding my never-ending trip by helping Hotels to submit their Hotels to large Hotel website. - The Free Encyclopedia of Hotel Rooms

Do you want a Free Internet Webpage for your sleeping rooms? On the other hand, if you already have a website, a good incoming link from a good SEO Search Engine Optimized Hotel website.

I will submit your business to in English and create an advertisement for your Hotel to help you make money.


1. Take 100 digital photos of your hotel and place on a CD Rom for your future use.

2. Upload 60 Photos to

3. Write descriptions of the 60 photos in English.

Cost: Free

I will do this in exchange for living in a room free for 15 days with free use of the WIF internet in my hotel during this time.

I am presently in Bangkok, Thailand and will be flying to the Philippines within the next few days.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Cell Phone number in Thailand:
+66847653706 Ooops Omitted Here
Thank you,
Andy Graham
Ooops Omitted Here

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Room Needed in Philippines


Hello Chuck,

It would be ok to stay in the Swagman, and for sure in Manila is would be ok. I just was surfing around the site and it lost the plot.

I was on this page:

As best I can tell, none of the hotels have WIFI internet inside the room. I believe I checked the Swagman in Manila one time. I got a visa extension there, and have been inside a couple of times.

Hmm, I am not sure my belly is big enough to qualify...

Swagman is organized and would be a great introduction hotel for me into the city of Bagui. I am curious, if the city is 1500 meters above sea level, it should be nice.


I will do this for any Hotel that had 24/7 WIFI Internet with a private room for me, I said 15, however this is negotiations, maybe 10 is fine, however taking 60 photos takes a long time to do properly.

Hoz you are correct, however to sell something, I need to say clearly what I want, than it is easier to get. I think I said Makati, I truly want Malate, but not important. I want a Hotel with nice people more than I want a location. is supposed to be no work and free, however being a visitor in a strangers house is a work.

I must explain the value to Hotels or Resorts.

Normally the bigger and more expensive Hotels understand the value of advertising more than smaller hotels. This works best in a hotel that presently has a lot of empty rooms.

How much does it cost a hotel to buy this:

1. To have an incoming link on another site, that never disappears?

2. To have a photographer take 100 photos, waiting for the sun to rise and set, and arranging the proper number of people in the photo?

3. Write captions under every photo? To understand the Hotel well enough to write the captions.

4. Talk with the staff of the Hotel long enough whereby I can explain in words the benefits of the Hotel.

This is why living in the Hotel makes sense, it allows a photographer and writer to walk around until they understand the marketing of the Hotel.

If the hotel has empty rooms, than they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I will fly into Manila tonight, I will be in the Malate area on Monday, June 6, 2009. I know this works, I want to help define marketing strategies.


A long story, yes, I have thought about writing a guidebook. The site is a way for me to write a personalized guidebook. Even better, it is a way for you to write a guidebook.

What is going to happen is this.

Anybody can submit a Hotel, it does not have to be just an owner, it can be me or you.

I have signed up for and so can anybody.

I have submitted Hotels to the site, I do this by going directly to the city I am in and click on ADD HOTEL, This is the Hotel I am in as of July 5, 2009, I added it.

I submitted this Hotel and hope the Hotel eventually claims it, I did this for free, so I can tell people the Hotel I CHOSE, not the one you chose, the one I chose, it is in the price range that is comfortable for me.

Ok, because I am registered, I have or can make a profile.

Here is my Profile:

On my profile are some of Hotels I have stayed in, eventually I will enter every Hotel I live in and create a long string or path, a route, the path of a guidebook.

Ok, right now there are tons of technical problems, however as time goes on a person, ME or YOU will be also be able to check of a hotel as one you visited. If the Hotel exist, you will check that you was there, if it is not there, you can submit and help the owner to claim it.

Beta testing needs to be done, I need to help my techie to clean up and debug the system. This can be done by me submitting hotels, it is hands on help and will give him feedback and I can simplify.

When this is done, you should be able to print off a complete PDF file of the Hotels you stayed in and you would have the Hotel section done.

There are endless possibilities however in the end writing a guidebook is about collecting data, organizing it, and presenting in an organized manner. This is the goal of blah blah blah etc and etc.

I do not need money for living, I need money for projects like I have my normal backpacker cost covered easily, I do not have projects like covered easily. The designated server cost 350 Dollars per month, I have to pay my full time techie and I would like to hire others. I would like to purchase 10,000 dollars worth of Backpack inventory of my own design to monetize the site.

To live or trade my energy for hotel room doubles my money, it removes half the cost of travel.