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Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, January 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Luxury Travelers
I need to give you luxury travelers a kick from the Hobo, or sites like Contrary to your misunderstandings of travel, this type of site applies to luxury traveler more than backpackers. The Road Junkies and Hobos understand you people want to pay for luxury travel; it does not work that way, we try to teach you.

Learning how to review Hotels
The way we learn is by experiencing problems, luxury travel attempts to avoid all problems. Then the Travel Writers who review the Hotels also avoid problems. We are students of travel, we learn our lessons so we can optimize the experience.

I have been walking into some luxury Hotels or Resorts here in Dominican Republic. I often am aghast at the drastic errors in quality. How do I know, I live with them errors daily in the 10 dollar Hotels, and try to accept them. Darn if I am going to pay 200 US Dollars per night and tolerate them.

Sites like try to help you learn the road, so you can truly know how to live in luxury. Contrary to your image, I live like a King in great Hotels.

Example of Hotel Problem in Sosua
I was walking along the road here in Sosua with my friend Ray; I look into an Internet Café. I see a lot of older men, women, or couples using the internet. I know these people are paying from 50-300 USD per night. I look at my friend Ray who was in a 50 Dollars per night Hotel and asked,
“Did your Hotel have a couple of Computers for guest?”
He says,
I think to myself, this is not luxury. (Where is the business center?)

Sites like are in my opinion Top Travel Site, because in between the lines, you learn what is needed to avoid, what is left over is luxury.

Thanks for staying the course.
Andy Graham of

My opinions are not for sale, I do not review sites, gear, books for money. Becomes Top Travel Site