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Roadblocks on the Land Journey to Liberia from Ghana

Because of the failed election process in Cote d’Ivoire, an imminent civil war is possible. A war where there are not two clear sides, where voters can start fighting for the person they voted for and expecting benefits and money. This means I would be a target of frustration; maybe a person just attacks me because of some deep-seated anger over the differences in lifestyle between Africa and the USA. I cannot hide, I cannot blend in, and I would be an obvious target.

I was or am working my way towards presently toward Cote d’Ivoire, towards a possible civil war; I could fly from Accra or Abidjan to Monrovia, Liberia.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is the big picture map of my planned overland journey in Africa.

This is a second alternative path, with a major problem; I am told I am required to get a Visa to Nigeria in the USA only.

It is highly possible a man by the name a Johnny, a private charter pilot I met in Dominican Republic could fly to Accra, Ghana or Lome, Togo. So here I am wondering where to wander to in Africa.

Ho is an incredibly boring Ghana city, but very clean and simple, Kpetoe a place for Kente cloth was even more boring; more or less a village built on the highway.

Koforidus, Ghana as Possible Staging Point to Accra
I am thinking I need to travel to Koforidus, while only 32 miles from Accra, it could still be a one and half hour drive there to apply for Visas or look for airplane tickets. A ticket on is roughly 400 US Dollars, an expensive jump to Monrovia, Liberia, and any way I do it, I still have to go to Accra to get a visa to Liberia.

Living in Ghana
Living in small Ghana cities can be either boring, or full of markets and interesting people, while generally I would say boring unless you travel up to Bolgatanga. Togo is always energy packed and full of life, people walking around, Moto moving from place to place, while Accra or Ghana is in many ways a traffic jam.

Project Workers, NGO’s, Missionaries, and Students in Ghana
Ghana has many of these types of white people, there are many young people looking to get a stamp on their job resume saying they slummed it in Africa. Christian missionaries are here in a place that is mostly Christian, NGO or Project workers are trying to find "African Causes" to use to collect donation giving them a job, and a way to wander around in Ghana.

I can safely assume when I meet a white person here, they are under one of the possible labels, I think also possible Peace Corp kids more or less on endless party.

To say the least, I am enthusiastic with the white people visiting Africa, and this is the last place a Black person in the USA wants to come, they want to distance themselves that they are African.

Where to go, what to do it the question always on my mind, I am a man without a clear path, and my highest hope would be to find a nice small village, with that one exceptional nice Hotel that is pleasant to hang out. I am sitting here in a 12 Cedi per night Hotel called the "Work and Happiness Hotel." a hotel with a bar area the same size as the hotel. Then has all the windows facing a hallway whereby I can hear everyone walking by my room. Then to boot, the place is on the outer edge of the city and hard to reach.

This is just another day in Paradise called Africa, where nothing every works right, always just one notch below correct. Think about it, there are presently two Presidents in Cote d’Voire because both of candidates has declared himself the victor, and any rule of law is thrown out the window. This is a good way of looking at Africa, a place where at any given time; common sense, rules, and the legal system just to turn stupid, like a bunch of children playing, with guns in their hands, more or less mafia tactics.

The saving grace is I have a Verizon Global Internet plan on the BlackBerry and can have internet access in my room,’ed to my computer, I am in Business, and at the end of the day, I can always just work and sit. This plan is great, I do not need to fight for internet access daily.

This is to me the hope for Africa, this girl from Ho, Ghana by the name of Patience. She is highly educated, speaks perfect English and has knowledge of the outside world. I believe women are the hope of the future of the world, men are too busy being clever.

A good explanation of the Cote d’Ivoire situation link:
Cote d‘Ivoire Election

Roadblocks on the Land Journey to Liberia from Ghana


Hey Andy...I told you before..come to South Africa. A wonderful mix of 1st and 3rd world. Pretty dangerous and exciting..if you're up for it :) Whatever you decide to do, you have a friend in SA. The weather is glorious and we do have awesome beaches..all of them. We are so diverse: desert, semi-desert, tropics, savannah...very good roads (mostly) and things actually work here...very well! So, come on down, I can assure you you won't regret it for a moment. Be warned: you may never wanna leave:)


Melanie, the minute I made that map to South Africa, I thought ot you.

Veronica, yes, I remember you from the travel agency, I hope life is good in Ireland, that was many years ago in Ecuador.

NIGERIA: It may be possible to get a Visa here, Nigeria does not seem to have rules that are followed. I will just have to go the Embassy and try, even though the rules say no.


Verizon gives the BlackBerry for free.

However, the way I understand, you must have a Verizon Telephone, then you can add 69 Dollars onto the cost and you have unlimited global roaming in I think now 220 countries. I then use so I can hook up BlackBeery to my computer.

I suspect it cost 100 per month.

The last thing you want to do is receive call or make calls, it will forward the USA number to you at about 3 dollars per minute.

If they ever stop, I will buy.