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Riobamba Ecuador Trip

I am trying to go to Riobamba, Ecuador to meet a friend that has been emailing me for years, interesting expatriated guy from the USA, with many opinions on everything. More or less retired I believe however he is definitely keeping his mind busy.

I do not like to be called and Expat or Expatriate as these words have two meaning, one indicating that I am abroad or outside the country, however the other is about try to give up being a Citizen of the native country of the Expat. I would for sure say my friend is trying to give up on the USA citizenship thing; however, this is not me, as I would do about anything to try to keep in good grace with the USA. I am not going to say his name or take photos as I think he is probably trying to keep his identity quiet, this is an annoying need, and hard for me to know when or what to say.

I meet many people in my travels that are hiding, they have secrets, and suddenly I am involved in their mess by accident. They write me, please remove this, I cannot do this, I want this, aagh, you wish you never spoke with them, and all I did was take photos or write about my experiences. They happened to cross my path and not thinking they one day realized oops, he has a website and he does do what he says, he takes photos and puts them on the internet.

I am never secret, I just do as I wish and take photos as I wish, however if a person says to not take their photo, I respect their wish normally, however not always. If you listen to what people, want there is a never-ending list of requirements. I find friends that do not care about anything are better than the ones with any or all the boundaries to obey.

This man is very smart and I am interested in hearing his opinions on how to live outside the USA. The USA is a great place, and I will forever say I am extremely lucky to have been born in the USA; however, the USA is also able to reach and touch any person’s life on the planet in often an annoying way.

I am inside a country that has different laws than the USA, however I feel and believe that the laws of the USA apply to me here, and in reality I need to obey the laws of the USA, and even though it may be legal here to do something, I am for sure not going to go along with the gang. You would be surprised at the number of people traveling that leave their home country so they can break the laws, there are many people with a lot of strange fantasies and desires, and I would guess about fifty percent.

I have fun traveling however, everything is legal here and in my own country, I suppose for me the big benefit is life is cheaper. I really like being rich in a cheap country. The ability to live on 15 dollars a day is a windfall, making life so convenient.

I am going to move Hotels today; I will pay two dollars for a taxi and move very far away with no hassles. This will be a very easy task, however to make a telephone call in this country can be an act of God, not very easy and extremely confusing. There is a trade off some situations are very simple and others are impossible.

I miss the telephone in the USA, most countries the telephone cost per minute, like here in Ecuador it cost me 25 cents USA for every 1.5 minutes, so a 6 minute phone call is going to cost me one dollar. This is very annoying and outrageously expensive; I can take the taxi to the other side of the city for the cost of the phone call.

What this means is you cannot afford to call and ask questions about the prices of anything, you need to go and talk in person at the airlines, the tour companies, the bus stations, anything and everything is done in person. I spend all of my time going to find out how much something cost or how to arrange something that could have been done from home in the USA over the telephone.

Oh well, I am going to go to Riobamba, Ecuador, try my best to stay separated from this mans world, be his friend, not try change the world and listen and learn about his life outside the USA. I believe I can learn a lot by listening to him complain about the USA. If you have traveled, you would thing that comment is funny, I realized it the second I started typing. Most travelers would say they learn a lot listening to Europeans or the world complaining about the USA when they travel. I personally learn about zilch about the USA from Europeans, I learn why they are jealous, angry, confuses, opinionated, and many many hostile feeling they have, however for the most part I just learn they know nothing about the USA, and I get to listen to their prejudices.

Most people traveling from the USA, do not know much about their own country and do not know how the Constitutions of the USA functions so this why they believe they are learning; however they need to learn the USA first before they allow their brains to be manipulated by other countries.

I love to tease the Brits when they complain about the guns in the USA, and I say,
“But it your fault we have the right to bear arms, if your country had not abused their own people so much, the new country would not have demanded these bill of rights.”

Of course, they do not know history, and do not know their own history, so they are just repeating opinions and following up on opinions that in reality they are clueless about, so annoying at best.

The USA, the great experiment in Democracy, which is working, while the rest of the world’s governments are not.

I will go to Riobamba soon and listen, I am sure from the man I will actually learn and not just listen, and there is always room for improvement.