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Review of Uganda from Kisoro

Review of Uganda from Kisoro
This is Andy of, I plan on leaving Uganda today and think maybe a small review of the country of Uganda from a tourist point of view is needed.

Kisoro, Uganda
East Africa
Monday, May 18, 2009


There is only one reason to come to Uganda and that is to see Gorillas. At a cost of 500 U.S. Dollars for one day of viewing, this makes coming to Uganda truly ridiculous.

From a backpacker point of view, it is an extremely easy country to cross and nobody should feel inhibited from crossing on the way to Rwanda or Tanzania. It has cheap rooms and good transport, especially in comparison to Kenya.

This is one of the countries you can count on your list of countries without a problem and continue down the path without a worry.

Will I return to Uganda, I cannot think of any reason to return unless by chance I suddenly have a million dollars and want to pay 500 dollars to see Gorillas in a large zoo called Uganda.

Are the people friendly, the answer is no, they are not mean, but they do not care if I am here, they are not putting out a welcome wagon.

I see no reason for Christian Missionaries in to come to East Africa, so far these countries are almost more Christian than the USA, however really atheist in practice.

Hmm, there is probably more reasons to come to Uganda than Kenya, however a lot more expensive to reach here.

I think the Masai Mara may be the best place to look at Animals in East Africa, this is my gut feeling right now, and this is close to Nairobi, Kenya.

The area around the “Gorillas in the Mist” area is well farmed; the local environment is more about farming and does not have a jungle feeling. If you want the jungle feeling, better to go the Amazon, easier to get that Tarzan feeling.

I have not met any people only being tourists in Uganda, however I have met many missionaries, volunteers, or other misguided people who spend their whole time being tourist. They go on some mission or project and in the end spend their whole time being a tourist.

Look at the pictures of Uganda on this Travel Journal, they are for the most part boring, this is a modern country, it is not some tribal, walk around with no clothes country.

Review of Uganda from Kisoro