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Retire in Philippines NO WAY

2009-10-20 15:54:54

Retire in Philippines NO WAY
I believe Typhoon Lupit is causing problems here in Manila; the electricity went off around 2:00 am and came back on around 5:00 am. I only know this because the air conditioning in my room went off and water started dripping water onto my pillow. I guess the aircon was iced up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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I leave on a plane today, I have no good information about Typhoon Lupit and the truth is, I am not positive that is the name. I did a search on the internet and derived this name, there does not appears to be any Filipino television news stations in my Australian owned Hotel. I am lucky to have the internet, when the electricity went off, I would have neither television nor internet.

Sometimes I ask the Filipino people, and then know less than I know; my best option is to find a Foreign Expat for this type of information of course this does not work, it is now 5:59 am in the morning.

I have stayed all over the planet during raining seasons, however I have to admit the Philippines is over the edge with too much rain. I just do not need this much rain, it is a true problem. Baguio maybe one of the better places to retire in the Philippines has more than other places, so even worst. I enjoy one or two months in the Philippines, then I start to realize the underlying structure of the society and slowly become annoyed. A great place for one or two months, to adapt, accept, or go native here in the Philippines is not going to happen to me, I am not going to become Filipino.

I am so happy to leave, I go to the airport now and HOPE the planes are flying away from here.

Retire in Philippines NO WAY

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