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Research on Internet is Maybe Possible

Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Your friend at work says,
- Go search on the internet, you will find it. -

Aaagh, not as easy as it sounds, like a maze of confusion, and temptations to do anything but find what you want to find.

I have 150 topics on index or home page, I want to collect the best links on the topics whereby a person has some preview links, the best of the best and does not have to search in directory in a way was great, but too expensive and not feasible to maintain, thus out of vogue.
In addition, the bottom line, exclude every good page, and only let in the perfect, but not so good pages.

A directory of links is still the best, if the links are good, however to pay a person to go and collect 100 great links is bridging on impossible. For one thing, the person has to be an expert, if they for instance are collecting the 100 best architecture links, they have to know, this page is good, it is about Architecture, the only person qualified is an Architect… so who can get them to work for free.

I am excited; we have created an automated, computer-generated directory of links on malnutrition.

I THINK, I believe, I can utilize these people in countries like India and Bangladesh, Ghana, or ex English colonies that work for 10 dollars per day and extremely happy. NOTE: Poverty is considered by the United Nations to be less than one dollar. Strange as it seems, 10 dollars a day is the going wage for about 80 percent of the planet.

Well, to use these bright people, excited to work, and ready, however not experts is possible.

I can leverage their cheap labor to collect essential information about pages, and zero in on the best links in the world on issues, almost any issue, however not as simple as that, but it works.

So the worker next to you says,
- Go collect some good links on Golf. -

He does this, and comes up with five in an hour, with the automated system of research we have developed, I believe we could collect a sample of 100 in less than a week, come back in a week and maybe we have 100 great links to peruse, come back in a month, and one of the labors maybe or hopefully will have referenced, perused the links, qualified them on a scale of one to ten, and the system has now prioritized the links. It is not perfect, but contrary to the system, it does incorporate all links and it also is cheap.

I am excited; we collected 500 links on various topics of malnutrition in two days. I can click on my own link and read quickly what I want to know. I do not need to spend time collecting the links. Note, when you search, you need to collect the links; I suppose you can make a favorite or bookmark, this system creates a page full of bookmark links. A directory, I believe it is a tool that can help me to create wonderful page full of great links and information for pennies. Not hundreds of dollars, in the past, I have put all my energy into this, and it still is not up to what I want.

I am excited to say the least, there is hope of collecting all the best links on any subject, takes some skills to put in the searches, however once it is loaded, it just goes crazy and collects links.

Malnutrition Links

Note this has to be one of the most boring subjects on the planet; however, malnutrition is a ridiculous reason to die.

- Malnutrition remains the world’s most serious health problem and the
single biggest contributor to child mortality. -

World Bank - Repositioning Nutrition as Central to Development
A Strategy for Large-Scale Action.

I have been now to 76 countries on the planet, and most are poor, 80 percent of the planet earns less than 10 dollars per day, or less. It is annoying to watch people eating and dying from a bad diet. The do not die from bad diet, they die because their immune and body is too weak to fight off easy diseases.

The USA is full of malnutrition people, the person who always has a cold, always sick; they are fat, obese, and eating crap.

I personally know I have eaten bad all my life, I now supplement my diet with a huge amount of vitamins and try to eat vegetables and fruits I do not like. I feel stronger, and my body is in up to speed.
Life is good; I was strong enough to fight off the Malaria or possibly food poisoning I had in Niger. My body was full of nutrients and vitamins and capable of surviving an attack.

This is not funny, it is real, and children are walking around outside the hotel whereby a good case of some disease could kill them before they received help. Some silly disease, which a good strong child, full of the right foods, right vitamins would not even flinch, the body would fight back and win.

This is what malnutrition does, it remove the ability to put up a good fight.

Does everyone need to live, no, however everyone needs a choice, and if nothing else, it seems simple to me, to tell people they have a cold because all they eat is cookies and chips.

An apple a day could really save a life, I find this amazing, but true, now I am not going to run off and be a veggie, I think this is just a complicated way to be have malnutrition when food, protein is everywhere around you.