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Recording Telephone Calls on

Recording Telephone Calls on
I use a program called Call Graph to record telephone calls I make using to landlines. It does not work perfect, seems to eat up something, not sure, maybe it is Cache, Temp Files or RAM. Nonetheless, when conditions are good, I can record a call effectively, sometimes not efficiently record my calls.

Interview important travelers on, record the web cam views of both of us with the conversation the put on I can get travelers on the phone, I have the clout. This program Call Graph does not do this, I am still searching.

I can record conversations with Call Graph.


1. Remember what the person said.
2. Interviews
3. Keep the person honest.
4. Verbal Contracts
5. Share the conversation with another person.
6. I can listen; I do not need to take notes.
7. Secretary can write the notes.
8. Calling the USA is so onerous, getting past the touch-tone pad filter, I want and need to optimize my mind and keep it on the call and listening, thinking and talking effectively, I do not want to take notes.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
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Thursday, September 10, 2009
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I need to get a Visa for Boy Genius from India; he needs to fly to San Francisco, California to inspect a Data Center to insure we arrange Load Balancing correctly for
Data Center Map

I called up a governments office in the USA, recorded the call that lasted for 20 minutes. Uploaded a Zip file to our servers, of the conversation and sent the link to Boy Genius.

I know the theme of this site is a Hobo; this truly confuses readers as they assume I am poor, dumb and a beggar.

When I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, I paid a person to create a computer system that would caller ID a person. The computer would search for the telephone number in a database, and on the computer screen the file would come up, I would know how many times this person called and could type notes into the file.

What is happening now, the Smartphones and Computer systems are there, this was 15 years ago when I was trying to do this. However, I know the world of technology has arrived, what cost me about 3000 dollars to accomplish, can now be done, I just need to study and learn.

This is also an invasion of privacy, the majority of people are afraid of this technology being used against them. I just want to do interviews of people who know I am going to record the conversation.

However, today when I called the government’s office, I did not tell the person, it would have stopped the person from being honest and open, and even then, she was not. What is great, Boy Genius will be able to repeatedly listen to the call and understand our options and just how difficult international business has become in the USA.

Her proposal instantly said, pay an immigration attorney 5-10,000 dollars to help you.

If you know how to interview a person over, record both webcams easily, etc., please tell the world in the comments below.

Recording Telephone Calls on